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Synthetic View Denali


Northwestern Minnesota
On the recent trip to AK I decided to pack the I pad and Stratus in the event I got a flight around McKinley that I might record my fligh track with Foreflight. The weather cooperated and allowed us to fly out of Talkeetna to enjoy one of the most spectacular flights I have ever made. With permission from the pilot I placed the Stratus in the cockpit and began monitoring our flight with my I pad and Foreflight on Synthetic Vision.
This proved to be one of the most memorable experiences of our trip and thought I would provide a glimpse of our flight as only pilots could appreciate. I grabbed a few screen shots off the I pad and recorded the flight track on Foreflight. The links below provide the approach flight as well as the departure flight. Best viewed on Google Earth via the KML link.

This first view is perhaps very familiar to folks in Alaska but for the rest of us this is Mt. Foraker on the left, Mt. Hunter in the middle and of course Mt. McKinley on the right.

A couple of views flying around the peaks. Our position indicated on Foreflight.

This is about as high as we got just short of 11,900 feet.

And of course a shot while parked on the glacier

And on the way out through the Great Gorge!!

If you want to check out the flight path on Foreflight you can see it by clicking on the following links.

The first is the approach and the second is the departure. Best viewed by clicking the KML button for Google Earth.


Hope you enjoy my photos from AK............Rod

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What a memorable flight! More than us flat-landers can imagine. I tried to view the links and I got an error message that the links were invalid. Thanks for posting the great Foreflight graphics.
Very cool. I've climbed Denali twice. Flown around it in my plane. Now I can add a virtual experience. Thanks!
Rod, really interesting photos. Thanks very much for posting this. I am delighted to read that you flew around Denali. I have done that flight twice, once with one of the Hudson sons, once with K2 (Randy Kilburn's outfit) and both were spectacular. Wow, you folks made that trip to AK count!