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Yew Got'cher ho Ho HO on?!?


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GREETins an’ Seasonal Salutashuns to all’a yew P.C. folks out there. :roll: (An’ fer yew REGALAR folk…MERRY CHRISTMAS!) :x-mas:

Couple’a daze ago…Ah received an EEE-leck-tronic missive from our omniscient an’ benevolent WWGPoSCE. (WorldWide Grand Poohbah of SuperCubberz Everwhere) SJ sez there’z one ‘er TWO of yuz wunnering if’n if Ah’m still suckin’ in the O2 or had I gone to “pushin’ up DAISIES”. :Gflower: (Or in MY case…fireweed.) (Google it)

Well Ah’m PLEAZED tuh report that I AM in fack lookin’ at the snow from the topside still an’ oxygenatin’ my slowly deterioratin’ mind an’ body without the aid of a ventilator. So FAR! :pty: I KNOW it is NOT a joke but…for those of you that KNOW me; ya’ll know that mah “sense of humor”…occashunally WARPED though it may be:bunny…is the onliest thing that gets me thru the trials of LIFE sumtimez.

But Ah very MUCH wanted to take a few minutes to share a couple’a thoughts wif’ yuz all.

Number ONE…az ALWAYS…iz tuh express my DEEP an’ eternal LOVE for SuperCub.org. An’ that means not only Steve and his Queen (an’ OURS) Laura Johnson…but to ALL’a yew guyz ‘n galz as well. For YOU are SuperCub.org. YOU give it life. YOU give it love an’ vitality.

SuperCub.org was the birthplace of the (unexpected) gestation that became CloudDancer:compute:, wif’ our WWGPoSCE as the midwife. He…AN’ you folks…quickly assepted me and made me feel part of the “family”. Reflectin’ back on our (now dozen-year PLUS long) relashunship, all the frien’s Ah’ve met in person…an’ all the back ‘n forth banter here an’ in eMails…well it purely STILL warms the cockles of mah heart. :kiss: (Still haven’t ever figgered out what a “cockle” iz fer sure…)

An’…fer those of yuz who are wunnerin’ whether Ah fergot how tuh lace up mah WRITIN’ boots or broke my scribin’ hand…(sigh). :Gpurplex: Damn. I HONes’ly WISH Ah could give ya’ a concrete definitive answer. But Ah really doan know. :???: :banghead::Gnotsure: :Grain: :Ghuh: Those of yuz that are mah Facebook “frien’s” know that Ah still…on very RARE occashuns…spout a generally very SHORT epistle an’ place it on my timeline. But other than that…my writin’s have been few an’ far between.

Will “…and You’re Snow White!” ever be finished? Will the final volume (V) of my Alaskan Chronicles ever come to fruition? Much LESS the planned FINALE…CloudDancer’s AIRLINE Chronicles? At this point “only the SHADOW knows.” (Sorry. Ya’ gotta be OLD enough to get THAT reference.)

But please know this for certain. If I DO write again…YOU…my SuperCub.org family…as you ALWAYS have since the beginning…will continue to be the first to know and read my memories and musings. I truly do dearly LOVE :luv2: an’ MISS ALL of yuz. Even that cantankerous ol’ man Jerry “Grumpy” Gaston!

As 2020 (thankfully and hopefully MERCIFULLY) passes into history and we ALL look forward to (please GOD) a BETTER year ahead…I leave ya’ this wish for a VERY MERRY Christmas for each of you and ALL of your loved ones. God Bless…

Cloud(ho Ho HO! All OVER yuz)Dancer :anon Christmas.JPG


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You just made my day!! Thanks for posting!! Never met you but I've always been a Fan.. The "Chronicles" are some of the best reading ever..
Wishing you all the best!! Looking forward to the "Airline Chronicles".. :smile:
Merry Christmas to you Ol Buddy ! It’s good to read your voice.

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Great to hear from you Cloudy, glad you’re still on the good side of the snow. Merry Christmas!��

Shake an' howdy, Cloudy. Or mebbe thas' "Shakin' Audi", heck it's been so long I ferget. Great to hear you're still kickin. And now I know what my next Covid-19 books are gonna be.

Thanks. cubscout
Merry Christmas!
I still smile at the 207 driver passing the rubber wading boot to the back seat passenger that needed to pee NOW!.
Wow, 15 years ago!! thanks for 15 plus years of smiles!!