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Window/Door catch, what and from whom?

Seasons Greetings Iain

When I started the restoration of the SuperCub, one thing that was near the top of the list was a decent catch that held the window open in flight.

The original catch was weak and we modified it with a small rubber castration ring around the wings which was a partial success but the window still flopped down at times which is always a surprise.

I have ordered the latch from Cubcrafters which Bill has fitted, think it is the best solution. We have not fitted the tank yet so will do a bit of work to mount it properly with a little bridge despite what the listing says.

I actually have two on the way via USPS to the UK and could probably send one on to you if you needed it soon.

Kind regards



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Thanks very much Stew very kind of you to offer, I have ordered one and have a friend in the states who will bring it back to South Africa for me!
Thanks guys for all the input. I have ordered the cub crafters kit and wait with baited breath for the task of fitting it, wings covered and mounted, could be interesting.
My window and door want to float in flight. I have tried taking off with window open (not recommended, I know) because I’m short and it’s just a bear to try to work with the latch in flight. I certainly cannot reach a rear latch. I hold the stick with my knees and manipulate the front latch. When it is latched, the window vibrates. When it is not latched, it just floats up and down. One positive thing….I'm getting really good at recovering from unusual attitudes.