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Where did you fly today?

"Baytown Texas, YUCK!" OLDCROWE

Gunnin out of the Blackhawk NE of Tulsa yesterday,,,,, Killed 133 hogs in about 3.5 hours... Good shoot.
Steve, do the hogs become bird fodder or is there a hog retrieval process after?

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Got some cool video but it ain’t gettin posted. [emoji41]

Pigs become eagle 🦅 food, and coyotes too.

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Flew through Silverton area on my way to Salida from Cortez. Went over Cinnamon Pass Northeast of Silverton. IMG_4601.JPGGreat Sand Dunes.jpgOn the way back home today I flew over the Great Sand Dunes on the East side of the Alamosa valley. There is very little snow in the Southwest and South Central Colorado. All of you Easterners have been stealing our winter snow so far.


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Good ski ski flying last couple days. My son flew around couple hours yesterday.



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I should have mentioned that Cinnamon Pass has an elevation of 12,640 feet with the surrounding mountain peaks in the high thirteens with the highest peak to the South of the pass at 14,048. It was fairly calm when I flew through this area with only light turbulence. I would not fly this route in any kind of windy conditions. Make sure you have plenty of altitude before you commit the turn East over the pass out of the canyon that I am flying up in the video. Once over the narrow pass you will have plenty of elevation above the valley floor towards Lake City.IMG_4614.jpg North side of Slumgullion pass East of Lake City. Guess this slide out area is how it gets it's name.


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I've been over those passes many times, the lack of snow in your pics is SCARY for this time of year. My brother lives at the base of Wolf Creek Pass (South Fork Side) and is really nervous what fire season will bring this year with how little snow pack there is 1/4 of the way into the season and beetle kill spruce around...

Many folks in this area are concerned that this could be a repeat of 2002 when we had a number of large forest fires in this corner of the state due to little moisture. Here are a couple pictures that I took of the South Fork area yesterday. Most of the timber that is in the second shot that looks like living spruce, is actually dead beetle kill spruce.

February and March are the make break months that we will be paying close attention to.
South Fork.JPGSouth Fork 2.jpg


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We call my Brother the family “Snowflakeoligist”, University of Colorado Snow Science Grad that spent multiple winters on the top of Red Mountain Pass digging snow pits then he started doing avalanche control and Partoling at Wolf Creek in ‘82 and has been living there ever since (even has a entre’ named after him at Kips Grill in Creede, the “Roberto”). He retired 15+ years ago but still averages around 50 days a year and told me at Christmas that he hasn’t ever seen this little snow, I suggested he verify he’s at max insurance coverage and update his bug out-plan.
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Curious if all that beetle-killed spruce could be logged?
Is it in marketable condition?
I'm assuming it's on USFS land...
they would make some money, everyone involved in the logging would make some money,
and a lot of fodder for future forest fires would be removed.
Seems like a win-win-win to me.
I saw a fair amount of logging activity between Lake City and Salide in the high country where most of the trees are beetle-killed. The problem is there are thousands if not millions of acres of dead spruce and lodge-poll pine in Colorado south into New Mexico. The big burn this fall in Montana was in a beetle-kill area.
It’s only been in the last few years that they have had a commercial grade approved for the spruce used to only see it on siding, they call it “blue stain” its really pretty nice looking. Then you have the market saturation problem with the bugs speading rapidly throughout the west. Plus the use restrictions require the bark and sub strste be striped and burned the same day.
A few hours exercising the plane during a visit back to SE. Wish I had more time as ski flying conditions were prime. Contemplating relocating the plane out to Unalaska this spring/summer. Anyone have experience Cub'n in the Aleutians? Any recommendations/thoughts about operating out of the Aleutians for leisure?!?!? I know it is a different arena out this way but sure seems like some virgin country and with living here, taking advantage of weather when it presents itself seems reasonable (to me!). Plus, who wants to be without their plane?



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Aleutians and leisure in the same sentence??? I know Don Johnson operated cubs out of the Cold Bay Area for years, I only did larger planes and helicopters. Have good, no great tie downs.....
Playing on the Brazos yesterday evening with my best flying buddy.

Tony, I did move the log from the approach end of the island. ;)




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Glad to see water in the river.....We are bad dry. 90+ days without measurable moisture. How do you keep those Oregon Aero seats from smelling like wet dog?
Glad to see water in the river.....We are bad dry. 90+ days without measurable moisture. How do you keep those Oregon Aero seats from smelling like wet dog?
It is pretty low, landed several places I had never been before last night. I washed the covers once. I took the back seat out. Gotta make home a cushion or piece of carpet.

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Grand Teatons, WY Sunday.

Black Hills SD Tuesday.

Last photo is Spearfish, SD. A lot of my $ goes there to Ted @ Black Hills Aero. 😀


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Took Lucy Dog for her first flight. 0.3, no barking, just looked out the window. She hates wearing a harness and usually pouts. Probably why she sat so nice. I will try a longer ride tomorrow.

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Cool! Long ago my Chesapeake Bay Retriever LOVED to ride. I think she thought the -12 smelled like ducks?
I have a Lab. that loves to go. I pull the rear stick (got a nylock wingnut to make it easy) and have a stub cover.
Took the twin grandsons for first ride a week ago.


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Last photo is Spearfish, SD. A lot of my $ goes there to Ted @ Black Hills Aero. 

Well I see the problem !! If you didn't fly so high you wouldn't wear your airplane out so fast.!!

Can't even say I've gone anywhere!! Just seems like I keep going in circles !!!
Nowhere but did get some plastic put on the champ skis so more can playKIMG0350.JPG

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