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Weight and balance 180 HP Cub


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We did weight and balance today. Weight with oil and min usable fuel is 1200 LBS.
I have 26” Alaska Bush wheels, heavy duty gear (3x3), performance STOL flaps from Airframes Alaska, and a 180 HP conversion of the engine.
Is this “normal” and where do you guys land with weight and balance land when calculating distance from datum or WLE (wing leading edge)?! And how will this affect the flying?
Need your expertise!
Just re weighed my 18a-150. I gained a lot of weight and moved 2” aft. 2” inches aft for floats is great, the extra weight- not so much.

I found by asking, there are probably as many varied answers to your question as there are Cub owners. But... unless you have put every light option on the nose.. exhaust, alternator, starter, oil cooler etc.. you are probably forward edge and heavy https://www.supercub.org/forum/showthread.php?34323-Weight-amp-Balance-Calculation-Common-Error
Sounds like you did well, that is not a heavy plane for a 180 hp.

Some are lighter, but they also forgo some items, and pay big bucks tracking down parts to save weight.

Keep your cargo a bit aft for landings.
Your weight came out pretty good for an 18/180. CG is going to determine how it flys. At 14" it'd be a sweetheart, at 10" it'd be a sled.