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Wanted Stinson Gullwing project

Phil Kite

Registered User
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
We are looking for a P & W 985 powered Gullwing (SR-9,10) project to restore. If there are any sitting in Alaska or elsewhere please let me know, call toll free USA and Canada 1-800-491-8987

Thanks Phil
I did some work for a guy who had one that had landed in a lake. I think I saw it on Barnstormers some time back. Did an annual on one that won an award at OSH this year. The owner said if you don't have a wing spar you were SOL. When I looked at the spar I saw what he meant. Tapered steel tube.
To Flyer;

My customer is VERY motivated, please contact me to let me know of what you have. Thank You,

Phil 1-800-491-8987 (MTN Time)
Hi John,

I mentioned the Howard idea to my customer last week and he really seems focused on a 450 hp Gullwing.

If you give me a call, I can give you my opinion on the "yellow" issue.