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Universal fabric touch up paint?


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East Boston
Question for the fabric gurus. I have a 1965 1-26 that has some flaking paint on the horizontal stabilizer. Fuselage has a few places that could also use touch up. This glider is not a showpiece I'm looking for sound not pretty. Logbooks are a collection of receipts there is reference to a patch on the stabilizer but no mention that I found of what it was covered/painted with. Fuselage finished in butryate, I think. Wondering if cosmetics are not a huge issue if there a paint to use for touch ups that is compatible with different systems? PS not looking at spraying, touch up with a brush.
Thanks guys. Ordered Stewarts guy that answered the phone there was cool to talk to. Was considering Rust-Oleum, use it for everything else, but the way aviation paint info is written they make it sound like if you use the wrong stuff Fenrir will slip his chains.