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Tundra tires or skis?

I will for sure get over to Driggs to see you this winter, and we'll go find some spots to land my Datum ski equipped Rans S7-S. Glad to hear you ordered the 31's!
At one point I heard of a Husky pilot based out of Alpine Wyoming who had wheel skis, we need to touch base with him, I go there for breakfast all the time, there and Afton (home of the Husky factory of course) right down the road.
Seriously? you want to track my N# to see if I crash? that's so nice of you...

Anyway, thanks for the caring message - and I'd love to have you stalking my N#... ;)

Just a little forum satire.
You asked for advice, lots was given, you made your choice. Have fun, and hopefully we won't be seeing your N#

Good luck
Apologies not necessary by any means, but the long answer does indeed help shed light on a subject that at once is obvious and not so obvious. One story I keep hearing is that when you have skis, you can get just as stuck in the snow - if it's deeper than you thought, you put down on it - won't you get stuck just as well?

The difference is that on the skis you won't be stuck UPSIDE DOWN!
The great thing about skis is that you can land anywhere and on almost everything, dirt, water, and snow, even if you end up somewhere without snow you will be able to land and if there is frost in the ground you won't have a problem takeing off MOST of the time, last weekend Tim and I and a few others went to B-fast in the valley over by Albany NY ( 100' elv ) and most of us were on wheels, I TO in 8" to 10" of fluff with my 25" airwheels but our B-fast spot is at a lower elevation and dosen't get any lake effect snow so the runway was bare of snow but had frost in the ground that has a crunchy sound when you walk on it and our C85 hp Champ buddy landed on Fed 1500As and taxied over to the parking spot and shut her down, an hour later he fired her up and taxied back to the runway turned into the wind and took off in about 150', moral of the story, skis will go where wheels will not, the O-$hit factor on skis is less then on wheels. OPINION.

Way to go on he 31's. You will like them. They will open up the country for you. One potential problem I can see in WY with bushwheels is cactus punctures. I know my 8.50's had a few slow leaks from cactus. I would hate to get holes in a high dollar set of Bushwheels. They are pretty tough but after awhile they might get leaks?

There IS an experienced ski instructor in your neighborhood. His name is Mark Heiner. Last I heard, he still was managing the Afton airport. Good guy, and a VERY experienced pilot. Give him a call.

How can somebody own a carbon cub and be so much of a cheap a$$ to not buy skis for when you plan on operating in snow??
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You've got to get your video camera out next spring and show me that dirt landing. %).

It took a few years for the grass on my runway to fill in, one end is a gravely clay mix and didn't have grass for the first 2 years and is still very thin, some days in the spring and fall I had snow in the morning and went ski flying and returned mid afternoon only to find that the sun had melted all the snow and I was left with the unfrozen dirt to land on and was not a big deal as long as I kept power on after touchdown to keep the tail heavy, some days it stopped in less then 200' even with power on and I had to put the wheels on to put it in the hangar, when my back was younger I would put the skis on and off sometimes 3 or 4 times a week just to go fly in 1" of new snow in the early and late months of the ski season, now it seem like too much work some days just to fly skis for a few hours before it melts off.

I am finishing building a PA-11 replica with a C-90 12F and I could available a set of 26 inch wheels with Cleveland brakes,
My question: what are the plus and minuses of putting these big tires instead of my 6.00X6 that I have now. GDKL
I happen to know where a set of federal 2000 skis are with new plastic bottoms. Will need new springs and maybe cables.

Trade use of the skis for springs...

I can send them down next week if you want them.
Specific questions

Thank you for the info. But they are Good year 26 inch.

The buttom line is : what is the weight and speed penalties with the large wheels instead of 6.00x6. I intend to fly on maintained airports to start. I suppose the larger tires are a plus in case of a emergency landing. Right.

I flew on 6 inch tires n the grass just fine. sounds like you are just starting. go practice in the grass on those hard tires. they will let you slip around a bit till you really get the feel. then take them to the pavement. again learn to not slide around a little. the 6 in tires on that light of a plane are fine. i stepped up to 8inch tires and reduced pressure and loved the new angle of attack but had to relearn taxing with less vis. the 8inch tires were nice and made the grass a lot softer but grabbed more on pavement for sure. I have now traded up to 8.50's to try out. they are even better at getting out of the deep grass and rolling on and off the pavement again at lower pressure they grab when not straight.

i took off in 3 inches of snow in the 6inch tires. to move the plane to pavement. 3 attempts to get enough speed. the trick was having just the tail off the ground. any more and the front wheels would dig in or pile up snow and not get me enough speed. the tail on the snow just packed it up and never let me get the speed i needed. with the tail just floating over the snow i took twice the normal distance but recieved twice the speed when compared to the other attempts of tail up or down.

I found maybe 3mph difference between 6inch tires and 8.50's but then again the goodyear 8.50's are very heavy and i added a scott 3200 instead of the 2000. in my 85hp i get 105mph at 2400 rpm. the biggest difference was to speed increase of 7mph when i had the 8inch tires and went from tailwheel 2000 to 3200. this lifted my tail 3-4 inches changing my angle of attack. i again lowered my to speed when i went to 8.50's 4ish mph.

end of the day i learned that abw 8.50's would be the sweetest ticket known to small motor men and you have to be real brave to actually use the 31's potential. I will try some 26's and 29's to see how it really affects my planes flight. While not monetarily or even approaching my skills practical i will most likely go with light weight 29's because i love the look and the monster truck feeling of rolling over anything.
tundra wheels

Is it more difficult to t/o and land with 26 inc. instead of 6 inc. wheel..

I have not flown on a regular basis since I sold my Stinson 108 , 20 years ago.

Steve, what is the weight penalty and cruise speed reduction with the big tires... A friend of mine with his PA-11 , 9o hp flies at 89 mph.

GDKL (Gilles)
Steve, what is the weight penalty and cruise speed reduction with the big tires... A friend of mine with his PA-11 , 9o hp flies at 89 mph.

GDKL (Gilles)

I didn't notice a speed change when I put the 25" Airwheels on my Pa11, but I lost about 20 min of total safe usable fuel burn time :eek: :oops: