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Tool For Replacing Elevator and Rudder Bushings

Steve Pierce

Graham, TX
Over the years I have found lots of worn elevator and rudder bushings on fabric covered Pipers. Luckily Piper made these bushings replaceable unlike some other manufacturers. The bushings are common to all the fabric Pipers as part number 80022-045 for the short at $1.02 and 80022-044 for the long at $.85 from Univair. I used to use a punch type tool to drive them in and out but it seemed to mushroom the ends of the bushing a little and made it hard to get the hinge pin in. That led to the design of the tool I now use which actually pushes the old bushing in while installing the new one. Several people have asked me recently about obtaining one of these tools for themselves so they can replace their own bushings so I dropped the tool off with my machinist friend yesterday. He got back to me with a price and thought I would put it on here if anyone was interested in a tool for themselves. All you need to operate the tool is a 3/16" Allen wrench and a 7/16" wrench. The price will be $30. I am trying to get an idea of how many to make before I order the metal and cap screws so if you would like one please let me know. Thanks.

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That looks like it works better than anything I have used. Put me down for one.
I would like one as well. Just a thought, maybe SJ can sell them thru the Supercub.org store.
That is a 6" long Allen head socket with a ball end which allows it to swivel 20 degrees. I can include one of them for $10 additional.
Steve, does the tool work for the small hinges too? It looks it would fit in between.

I am in for two with two long allens. That way when I am forced to lend mine out I will have a spare.


I'm in for one, with the Allen, please. I did mine last year and did a crummy job. With the correct tool I ought to be able to do a far better job this time.
and lowes had the task force electric screw driver kinda like shown in steve's first picture on clearance rack a few days ago for $11.. I got one.. not sure if it got enough umph for the job but seems fine....