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Third seat

Jerry Gaston

Registered User
Bozeman, Montana
I have read several stories about guys putting passengers in the third seat of their cubs. Is there really an stc for a third seat and how useful is it--Really!!!
Yes there are at least 3 STCs that I know of and yes they are used allot in Alaska.
I used mine for several years with my kids before they got very big and it's not a comfortable thing. My rear seat back rest is the same width as the pilots seat which gives some leg room, or you can leave out the backrest entirely. Only used it for short hops and was only on wheels.

I made the decision not to use it on floats as the egress possibility was nil for the third seat passenger if we went underwater.

The conversion does increase the strength of the baggage area and allows from 170 to 180 lbs max. which is a good thing at times.
I bought a third seat STC from Ron Sullivan of Day and Night. If I remember right he was getting about $100 for the paperwork.

I have the third seat conversion and would install it in every cub I own. I have never hauled a person back there, the main reason I need it is hauling heavy loads. I need the increased strength and load it gives me.

D&N's puts an X of tubing under the floorboard from the aft edge of the front seat back to the next brace back, plus plates for belts.
When hauling skiers it is great. Now you carry to skiers at a time, which is much safer for the skiers.
The new CC cubs all have the third seatbelt and say "passenger / baggage limit of 180lbs" or something like that.