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Tailwheel Head Repair

Steve Pierce

Graham, TX
Over the years I have found several Scott and Alaskan Bushwheel tailwheel heads with a loose pivot bolt. I found it on my own AKB head several years ago. I found out when they first started manufacturing tailwheels they used a dead blow mallet to knock the pivot bolt into the head. Over time these got loose and ruined the head. It is my understanding that they are now pressed in.

As a repair on my own tailwheel I knurled the pivot bolt, heated the head and pressed the bolt in. It lasted a while but got loose again and I had to replace the head. I have now figured out a way to fix the issue permanently with the help of a master machinist friend of mine. We bore the head out a bit over sized. Turn a stainless steel bushing down and press it onto the bolt. Then using some special fixtures we built, we press the bolt/bushing into the head for a nice, snug fit. If anyone needs a head repaired we can do it for $150. You can contact me at steve@pierceaero.com

Loose pivot bolt in tailwheel head.

Bushed and pressed pivot bolt in tailwheel head.


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FWIW Tom Anderson at The Landing Gear Works sells hub bolts in several oversized diameters:

Hub Bolt — TLGW

These are for the 3400 series tailwheel, so probably don't work for a 3200.