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SuperCub.Org Audio Address

Well, about 230 different people listened to, or attempted to listen to this first audio address.

In January, we will be upgrading the internet connection here which should improve the performance of not just this feature, but of a number of other aspects of the site. We have gotten our advertising and donations to the level that we can just afford to make the jump.

Thanks folks for weighing in on this and having a listen!


P.S. Would audio interviews with manufacturers and other cub folks be of interest in a library?
Hey Ssss Jjjj -Love the audio site!!

Steve and Dana we are so glad to hear Steve's voice on the new site, we have always been fans of "Wolf Man Jack", you just may have added a new quality to listening audiences "Crazzy Man Ssss Jjjj "!! Good Job !

We really missed the Reklaw trip, and seeing all of you and any new stories (old ones told again)! The Oklahoma trip sounds interesting, if the date works, we'll be there.

God bless you and all the reading audience, have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Paul & Elayne