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SuperCub.Org Audio Address


Staff member
Northwest Arkansas
Hey folks, I put together a bunch of thoughts and answers to some questions and you can hear it all by clicking right here:


I am interested in your comments...


Sounds really good. You sound like any other Cub Pilot. That is a compliment. Thanks.

supercub.org audio address

sounded good in new mexico,liked it, keep them coming when you have time.6''s new snow here,could run ski's today.

jr & j.d.
Very good! I watched it 10 times, I guess I shouldn't of done the shrooms :crazyeyes: during the Bears game.
Good, working on dialup too. That is what I hoped. It is supposed to auto-ajust quality for different speeds of connection...

Thanks for the input!

Cool. I like it...its better than the President's weekly radio broadcast and much more interesting.

Worked good here also Steve, Washington State. Maybe this idea could be used for short movies on SuperCub topics as well, show and tell or how to rebuild one.
I got a screen pop-up saying that I didn't have permission to access the audio update.????? Did I forget to m\pay dues?? Am I more computer illiterate than even I thought??? Can hardly wait for computers to come equipped with stick and rudder, maybe then I can handle them!

The audioupdate should be publicly accessible to anyone, not just to members. Several people have reported some problems with it, but you might give it a second try.

Still working out the kinks on delivery, I guess...

I'm confused. One minute I think you'll show up on National Geographic and now it's NBC. You've got that deep clear "look how neat I can talk folks" media voice 8)

Nice touch sj................
Came through clean and smooth on DSL. A couple of the guitar riffs in between topics made me think I was watching Seinfeld. :lol:
Worked fine here. Kinda reminded me of Seinfeld with music between addresses. :D Good job, sounds great!
I think the technique was around LONG before Seinfeld, some of you may be old enough to remember "Laugh In"...

I can't connect. I get an error message telling me that the server is busy, try again later. That's the same message I get every time I try a click-through from this website. (How busy can the server be? I'm already connected!).

Anne. :cry:
Hmmmm it should not be that busy.... Should be able to handle 20 at once which I doubt would ever happen.

Can you get audio downloads from other sites?

Are there other sites?

Don't know if I can, I haven't tried. It might be something on this end of things (at work). I haven't tried at home because that's wayyy too slow.

Sounds great! I think you should check with XM to see about establishing a full-time Super Cub Talk channel.
Tried this morning, it played sorta OK, but with some digital 'stuttering.' Still, usable. Last week it wouldn't work at all for me.

Then Microsoft graciously offered me a download "upgrading" to MS MediaPlayer 9.

That only took an hour to download. Glad I had some other stuff to do.

Tried again to see if that smoothed out the stutters. Got to buffering at 89% in less than a minute, then no progress at all for another ten. Wouldn't let me X out of the application, had to do a Ctrl-Alt-Del and reboot.

Tried again, same results, but it only went to 66%, and I gave up after 5 minutes.

It is not false modesty to say that I'm dumber than a fencepost about this computer stuff, and especially online stuff. In fact it probably isn't fair to insult a fencepost in this way.

Wondered if the McAfee Virus Scan and Firewall 2005 I installed last week had anything to do with it, but no error messages on their part.

Anyway, thanks Steve, for keeping the Site moving forward. Glad most folks are able to use these new features, and it's still well worthwhile without them for me.

Thanks. Cubscout
Cubscout and others,

Thanks for your noble efforts! I know this stuff can be frustrating.

One thing I would ask you to try if you have time, is to change the bandwidth setting in windows media player to something slower.

In the upper right hand corner next the "X" is a little down arrow, if you click that it will take you to a menu pick "Tools" then "Options".

Go to the "performance" tab and then change the connection speed from "detect" (or however it is set) to Modem 28.8bps and see what happens. You can also increase the buffering time on that screen. do this even if you have broadband and report back.


I already had mine set at 28.8. I never had a problem, it loaded normally for me and played with no buffering. I am dialup and now logging on at 26.4.

With a voice like that you should be in radio! Downloaded instantly with no skips or breaks in MT.
Steve, it worked great until 4:27, then snuffed out for the remainder....did talking about New Holstein kill it???
Ha! Possibly... It was censored no doubt... Maybe you need to turn your adult content filter off? :eek: