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Sun n Fun


Ormond Beach, Florida
Visit our exhibit at Sun n Fun and see the latest Mother of All Cubs to come out of the building. 1CED0607-A955-46D3-8882-F9141B0D8931.jpeg


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Visit our exhibit at Sun n Fun and see the latest Mother of All Cubs to come out of the building. View attachment 55195

Is it just an optical illusion or is the rudder oversized? If oversized, have you found a need for more rudder or was this just a means to increase the vertical tail area? Was there a consideration to increase the area of the fin or not or why not?

Just curious since when a Cub is on floats it could use a little more vertical tail area.
Yes, it is oversized. It is common for that mod on both Legend floatplanes and the 195hp version of wheel planes (as well as some 180hp models) like this one with the Titan IO370.
Personally, I find the ventral fin less aesthetically pleasing and the extra large rudder is a good solution. Here’s extra large vs. standard on two Legends:

8AE1AFEC-0DEB-4392-A769-38A9564C25FD.jpg D29578B8-4ECF-45C5-967F-CB7A4851B68E.jpg


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Thanks, I agree the ventral fin is less appealing. I guess my question wasn't worded correctly.
I understand the desire for increased total vertical tail area, especially when on floats for stability purposes.
My question is more towards, did you find a lack of rudder effectiveness under certain conditions? Thus the need to increase the area of the rudder?
Or, was it just a stability issue which could have been corrected by increasing the fin area?

Your picture of the "small" tail shows VGs on the fin, thus indicating a desire for more rudder authority.

My 180 hp floatplane Cub uses a ventral fin for stability purposes. It was a quick easy fix, nothing more. I have never found a lack of rudder authority. Thus my question.
That blue/yellow/silver plane looks like a beauty. Any chance for bigger pix?