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Stewarts system fabric course


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I have been talking with the people at stewarts systems about putting on a fabric covering course at my hanger in las vegas , nevada.
It would be a 3 day course , friday thru sunday .
Stewarts will send their instructor in with all supplies for each attendee to use .
There is a cost for this , the actual cost from stewarts for each attendee , i believe it is 375 dollars.
There are two larger casinos within walking distance from my hanger , as well as many thru out the city.
We require 10 - 12 people in total .
IF there are enough people wanting to do this , then i can arrange it . Would like to do early in the new year . There are no dates set yet.
You can contact me directly with any interest or questions .
i also have my javron supercub project here for people to see what he does.
Martin 702 630 1688 .
I will post here the response......
I did not recieve the reply from robert norberg. At this time there were only 2 others interested in stewarts covering course. I will wait and see if others become interested . We need 7 more .
I thought there would be more people at the stage of covering or just interested in some one on one experience with the instructor.
Maybe there are others interested but not in the stewarts system ? I would think the covering techniques of most systems would be similar and that no matter what system you use , you would learn a lot from this course.
Are there big differences in covering systems ?
I am sure there is if you use oratex .
The date has not been set. I was hoping to enough people and then try to set up a weekend that suits to everyone or most people. There is a lot more to do here than this course. I thought some would bring their spouse along to enjoy other thing in the evenings.
we have almost enough people now to put on the course in las vegas , nevada.
Looks like it could be in february/15 . We will try to get a date to suit everyone . It will be a friday , saturday , sunday.
We have space for another 2 min to 4 max.
JAY DEROSSIER from JAVRON CUBS will be here for the course , so we can also talk and learn more about the building of these aircraft. I will also have my JAVRON supercub kit here with the new wings that javron is making, for anyone that would like see his kit .
I would be open to any suggestions of people or things that could be of interest to our type flying.maybe you would like to drop in and make a presentation ? , the evenings are open . I also have many lancairs here , piston and turbine if you do have interest.
I have been making a list with contact info , BUT I DID LOSE ON MEMBERS INFO . He is from homer alaska , staying in california for the winter . PLEASE CONTACT ME AGAIN .
Martinheisler@hotmail.com. 702 630 1688 .
We have enough people to put on the course. It will take place in las vegas at the end of february 2015. I am waiting to get the exact date from the instructor. I will post here when i know . I will also contact each attendee , directly.