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Steve's Aircraft Master Brake User's - Service Update 1

White City, Oregon
Attention all cub owners that have upgraded their master brake cylinder with our STC'd vented master cylinder.

You will be receiving a Service Letter package in the mail with instructions and parts to update your Steve's Aircraft master brake cylinder to the latest revision cylinder (REV 3) The parts included are a new 2 piece articulating shaft with enlarged flange for the main piston seal and new seal installed. Also and new piston with centering depression for the seal is included.

These parts were sent to all owners of the master cylinder free of charge and all new master cylinders will have the new system installed into the cylinder.

We would like to know if there are any problems with the installation of these new parts and if there are any questions about the Service Letter via here or call us at 541-826-9729

Thanks for your time.

Brian and Steve
Got mine in the mail this week. Thanks for being so proactive and upfront about the problem and the solution.

I have not had a single problem with Steve's breaks.

It is nice to do business with a company that is continuously trying to improve there products.

Send out free upgrades that is really nice. Thanks Bryon and Steve.

Jerry Jacques
I have put my service kit in about a month ago. WOW I believe they are smoother than ever. There is no binding because the shaft now "swivels" around the corner when the brake pedal is pushed. Also I believe the redesign of the inside of the shaft holds the seal a lot better.

My buddy just flew my plane and he was amazed at the braking. Steves brakes, a great company that stands by their products.