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STC 1765GL for installation of O-200 on a PA-11

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I found an STC that allows the installation of the O-200 on a PA-11. I tried to get in touch with the gentleman that owned it to get more information only to find that he has since passed. The STC has been purchased since then but then the trail fades away.

Do you guys have any info on this STC?
I learned to fly in Pa11 4950m, it was 0200 powered. I don't know the way it was done. Plane was sold about 15 years ago but N# search shows this owner. Maybe they can check log books?

Still looking for the 0-200 STC info? I think I have some quality data and the STC in the paperwork that came with the 0-200 equipped PA-11 I just purchased. If you need it, I will dig it out.
Hi this is Sam - were you able to dig anything up? I'd sure appreciate anything you may have. Thanks!
This is a copy of STC SA 1765GL Notice it is for the engine mount only.


"1. This supplemental type certificate is for fabrication and installation of the engine mount only. An additional FAA approval to install a Continental C-90 or 0-200 is required."

Since the PA-11 and the J-3 are approved on the same type certificate A-691

It is possible the following STC can be used to approve the O-200 on your PA-11. I would check with Univair.

"This conversion is for the stock J-3 with standard length metal spars. Fuel capacity will have to be increased by at least 15 U.S. gallons. Any STC'd auxiliary wing-mounted fuel system for the J-3 will cover this requirement. However, the original 12 gallon frame tank will be limited to six usable gallons. Additional information detailing other requirements of this installation is available from Univair.
  • Applicability: Piper J-3 with O-200 engine (100hp)"
I am reporting with what may have been obvious by now - our STC search as regards the 0-200 in my 11 drew a blank on our end as well. We are still working at getting the paperwork in order on my bird. If I find it, I will post here for the several folks who were interested. FAA searches have drawn blanks thus far too.