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Spruce to aquire Wag Aero

The email announcement:

To Customers of Wag-Aero:

Aircraft Spruce is pleased to announce the acquisition of the parts distribution operations of Wag-Aero. Wag-Aero was founded in the 1960’s by Dick and Bobbie Wagner in the basement of their family home in Lyons, WI, around the same time that Bob and Flo Irwin started Aircraft Spruce in the basement of their home in Fullerton, CA. Both companies published their first parts catalogs in 1965, and in 1971 Wag-Aero moved to their permanent facility on North Road in Lyons. In 1995 The Wagners sold Wag-Aero to Bill Read and Mary Myers who have continued expand their parts distribution and manufacturing operations. Aircraft Spruce acquired only the Wag-Aero parts distribution division.
To place any new orders, please contact us at 1-877-4SPRUCE or visit our website at https://www.aircraftspruce.com.
Too bad they only purchased the parts distribution. There are some tools that Wag-Aero made that have not been available for some time.
Another great American story; starting what will become a profitable family-run business in a basement or garage is a definition of living the American Dream. Every single one of us here, in the Land of Opportunity, has the potential to become independent (and wealthy).
Wag has been moving in this direction for a while ...... nothing to do with current politics. They sold off their only example of a 2+2 (or any of their kits) back in 2012 and haven't produced a welded fuselage since 2014. Their kit aircraft have been just plans for close to 10 years now with some partial material kits available. I ordered parts as recently as January of this year and the parts were fine, no quality issues at all. Last big item I bought was a windshield for my 2+2; perfect quality. They even delivered it to my motorhome from their storage trailer at Oshkosh since I was on my bike. The belts I ordered turned out shorter than I expected; mostly my fault as I read the measurements incorrectly. I sent them back, they remade the belts (all PMA'd) and all I had to do was pay for shipping back to Lyons. They were a source for a lot of hard to find cub type parts; I hope Aircraft Spruce will still carry that line. I will miss their customer service.
I've noticed a few parts no longer on wag's website since I started my 2+2 in 2019, one big one that comes to mind is pa12 fuel tanks. I have read that parts were so-so but everything I have from them has been fine, hope spruce brings back things like that. It also might make things simpler for us Canadians if I can buy wag parts from the aircraft Spruce in Ontario.