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Small hotrod caliber cartridges

Sorry Perry! I was happy as a clam with mine too, until my
Buddy bought one of these Tikkas with the 8 twist barrel.
When I saw the advantage it has with these super high BC
Bullets I up and sold my T/C Venture 22/250 and bought the Tikka. Huge upgrade. Now my old 243 is just collecting dust.........
Lol, its only money Perry! And lifes to short to hunt with
an ugly gun!
Well Turbo, to be completely honest, you're doing Perry a favor, and no doubt he's grateful. I mean, he knows, or should know, that some exposure to the finer products in our marketplace could be a positive influence. I mean, after all, this is a guy who thinks the F-word is as good as it gets in pickups. Now, Perry's a great guy and an excellent pilot - just needs a little help in judgment when it comes to commercial products. Except for his airplane. It's a dandy. A PA-12, of course.
Actually - - Quite some time ago, perhaps close to 20 years, we were haying a neighbor's field, which required crossing a ford in a creek that was way down from the field elevation. Maybe 20 or 30 ft perhaps. The creek rocks were slippery and the track up out of the creek was also slippery due to several crossings with loads of hay.

So, the situation was that my son was driving the pickup hauling hay back to the house, and I was baling with a team. Well, wouldn't you know, at the bottom of the ford was when the 4WD decided to fail on the pickup. Down in the bottom with a full load and stuck. So my son came and got me with the news. Well sir, I unhitched the team from the baler, hooked a chain to the pickup AND trailer with a few tons of hay on it, and pulled them out. Reba and Nellie. Shires. Boy, could they work.

As an aside, same son won a regional pulling contest with Prince and Nellie. Prince being a Belgian.

I make no apologies for my horses, sir! Oh yeah, notice that there's a "ford" involved. Figgers.

Sorry for the hijack - -
Horses, Dodges, Pa-12s, 243's, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel now! Take the Dodge in to get your Pa12 out after you found it will land way shorter than it will take off. When your Dodge breaks down, you get the ol' stable pet out to drag the works home. When you find the stable pet's not up to it, hopefuly your 243 will put meat in your belly untill your rescued with a pa11 or pa18 and a Ford.

You Gm driving, 6.5 creedmore shooting folks are smart to stay quiet! Kind of like cross dressers.

I just had to say it. Lets the sh¿t slinging commence. :pop:

Disclaimer: im just joking! No offense meant to anyone!
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If you want to try one "cheap" here is a "smokin deal" on one........... This has the 8 twist and is less money for the whole gun than just a unfitted barrel would cost! Treat yourself for Christmas! Screenshot_2018-12-12-21-36-11.png


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im putting together a 7 twist 22-250 right now, planning on no less than 80 grain bullets so im curious to see a little farther out how the firearms manufacturers handle this faster twist for the heavier 22 caliber bullets, i think it will be next. weve see BOSS, fiberglass stocks, fluted barrels, all the bedding sales ploys in the world, triggers, etc, etc, now we even have electronics in scopes, ugh, anything that sells, but if these 22 heavys work, twist will be next. going from 12-14 twist down to 7 thats quite a spin up, spin up is next for sales, just guessing but lets see how they handle it. a fast twist like a 7 with a lot of speed and a 40-45 grain bullet i wonder if it will take the jacket right off it.
Anybody try them ruger americans? I suppose you get what you pay for. Are they control feed? I shouldnt be asking because like PerryB said, i to would probably get it used on me.
Cant speak for a 7 twist but can vouch for this 8 twist with
Nosler 85gr RDF bullets at 3200. At 300 yds (ranged) yesterday 6/8kts direct xwind the Tikka will shoot a 3 shot
group with a clean barrel you can cover with a .50 cent piece! So you could easily head shoot a songdog at 300 with it or gophers all day long. With 75gr ELDm bullets it will reduce the group diameter to quarter size again at 300
So you could head shoot PD's all day long with that bullet,
No sweat . That loading chronographed just over 3300fps.
So besides being a wicked 500yd Coyote gun. With a 80/90 gr bullet it will mimic the .243 for energy with better
penetration and superior trajectory behond 300 yds because of its much higher BC at any given bullet weight!
You will be hearing ALOT more in the future about 7/8 twist 22/250's..........
I have been doing some research. I dont want to start another thread so im going to ask your opinions here on two points of view. One name or the other will suffice.

Jack O'connor
Elmer Keith
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I don't really have an opinion so I'm not going to weigh in. They both contributed significantly to the development of modern cartridges and should be appreciated for that. I know they didn't like each other. Late in life, Elmer once said he should make the journey to Lewiston and piss on Jack's grave before he was too old and feeble to make the trip. A bit harsh ....
J.M. Browning was one sharp old bird. A real mechanical genius. Bill Ruger was a mechanical genius of the same order, if not higher, but his political maneuverings later in life cost him a lot of popularity.
I can't remember if it was Bob Hutton or Bob Forker (maybe a joint effort), but they necked a .378 WBY down to 22 cal. Called it the .22 Eargesplitzen Loudenboomer. I think P.O. Ackley might have considered it to be a little over bore capacity. It was simply an experiment in ridiculousness and probably the product of a few drinks.

Edit -- I went back and did my homework. It was actually made by Ackley, for Bob Hutton. It was an experiment to reach 5000 fps. It only ever reached 4600, and used 105gr. of H570 in the process. I cringe to imagine what barrel life would be, but you could probably count it on your fingers.

Reading PO Ackley book, approx. 1/3 of energy is used for bullet spin.
So my idea of a 50 bmg necked down to .224 as the ultimate yote getter probably wouldn't work? Probably a good thing im not a reloader! :snipersmile:
Found these ugly ducks on the web.


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I have been doing some research. I dont want to start another thread so im going to ask your opinions here on two points of view. One name or the other will suffice.

Jack O'connor
Elmer Keith

Both, Elmer’s philosophy when something is going to eat or stomp you, and Jack’s for everything else. Would have loved to hunt with either one.