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Small Continental generator drive


Palmer, AK
Some of you guys have updated your little Continental from generator to alternator. First thing Plane-Power (or any other manufacturer) will ask you is, 'do you have your drive gear from the old unit? I looked up the parts info for these from a recent project and figured I should put it out here as I want everyone to be able to reinstall 'good stuff'.

(15) 530406 Hub
(16) 352030 Retainer
(17) 626543 Bushing, uses two per
(18) 530407 Sleeve
(19) Gear
(20) Shoulder nut
(21) Cotter pin

I've been told that 632050 is an alternate number for (17) 626543 but I have not verified this.

And, If anyone has one of these assemblies just laying around, I'm interested in buying a couple.


  • Cont. Drive Gear.pdf
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Sitting here in the office this AM in the Continental books with low motivation, so I looked.
Continental superseded #
(15) 530406 Hub - 653983
(16) 352030 Retainer- 653982
(17) 626543 Bushing, uses two per- 632050
(18) 530407 Sleeve- 530407
(19) Gear- 531325
(20) Shoulder nut- 530412
(21) Cotter pin - MS24665-151

All are in stock at Boeing and if I ordered this AM, total would be $1039.55 plus cotter pin. This is at our cost but Continental doesn't like small shops so mark up is up to us.
Mindless activity, just curious if these were still supported.
Back to work on low motivation, too much to do and 7 days from heading to AK.
Need to add this Cessna Accessory Kit instruction. Some good information there.



  • Gen Drive.pdf
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More info on these gears.

If anyone needs one of these drive assemblies, let me know as I have a couple of serviceable ones.



  • SB95-3B-1.pdf
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FWIW I have an Alaskan Field Approval for these adapters plus a B&C 13A alternator/C-85-12F Stroker (see #2 above). If needed I can share the Form 337 or get the FAA CD for N36007.