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Ski Dolly pictures

Old thread revival. I'm on the look out for any drawings/ dimensions for making a set of dolly's for Federal 2000's. Was planning on putting my skis on since there's over a foot of snow on my strip. Thinking everything through before I put them on, I realized I already have a tough time getting the plane up the slight incline and into my hangar With skis on, it will be that much more difficult. I keep the hangar opening cleared to the dirt to prevent the door from freezing down and so I don't bust my ass when I go through the door. It gets very icy and slippery since it faces east.
So short story long, bought a PA-12 and it's been a journey getting it registered in the States. But I hope the end is in sight. Following this thread with much interest and great ideas which I may use. However, not gifted mechanically. Looking for ski dollies for federal 2000's. Had Sled Dogs for my former PA-18 which I loved but sold with the plane. Talked to the guy who manufactured them, but he doesn't make them anymore. Anyone have a set to sell or something similar? Troy form Aero Ski sent me a set of plans he made which I may do.

As an aside, anyone know of someone in NE MN that would be willing to work on my Edo 2000 floats. My understanding is they leak a bit.

You might put a winch in the hangar. I do it to pull plane in on bushwheels or wheelskis as I have an incline to the door.
I inherited a set of dolly's for Federal skis which I guess you'd call "straight axle", i.e. just a wheel on a shaft with a collar to keep them from rubbing on the ski edge. I thought "I can do better" and built a set of cam over center type. Invested quite a lot of time designing & building them but in the end the tires were a bit too small and I ended up using the old ones. A 2x4 with a bevel on the end pushed under the front of the ski offers enough of a lever to lift when installing/removing. I still want to get a better set of tires and use the sexy ones but I guess what I'm saying is a lot of dolly's may be over complicated :p
Pick up 2 sets of box (skate wheel) conveyors. You’ll be amazed how easy you roll in and out.



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New set haven't tested them yet. All my designs with 2 wheels keep ski tail from dragging and taxi under power.


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