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Shoulder harness

Thanks a lot. Gotcha!

Unfortunately, our CAA accepts almost nothing US at face value. Everything has to be approved here as a minor or major modification and there is no such thing as field approval.

Just put a set of Hooker lap and shoulder harnesses in my SC. Simple set, no pads, $230. All I did was wrap the strap around the cross tube behind each seat and attached with a buckle. Simple and installed in about 45 min.
Attaching to the cross tube behind the seat frame is usually avoided due to the angle at which the harness meets the body.
Piper originally would install a shoulder harness attachment for the front seat which bolted to the lower seat frame bolts. (may have been special order item.)
The harness passed up through the back seat cussion and over the shoulders. Simple hook up. The problem is that if you ever had to use the thing it would usually succeed in keeping your nose out of the instrument panel but you would up with a broken back or compression fractures. These installations should be totally avoided. This is why you see so much discussion on installations.