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Shoulder harness


I keep hearing mention of needing an STC or field approval for installing a Shoulder harness, so would someone please enlighten me!!!???

If you are not welding or riveting an attachment, why is it a major alteration?

A shoulder harness is not required equipment in a Super Cub and if you can find a legitimate way to attach it without welding a tab, why do you need to do any more than make a logbook entry.
I too got the memo but can't seem to find it now. I'll do a search. The AC43.13-2A has a section on installing shoulder harnesses.
Thanks DJ, I have hell navigating thru the FAA website. I printed it and will file with my other defence documents.
Yep, thats it.
"Ask and ye shall receive, Seek and ye shall find."
Thanks fraudman.
Sorry for the double post guys. One of these days I'll figger out what I'm doing wrong.
Inertial Reel Shoulder Harness

Hey Guys,

Just a reminder, http://www.cubcrafters.com has inertia reel shoulder harness available. They are a very neat and clean installation and can be retrofitted into any Super Cub with minimal effort. I *think* you can even order off of the internet in the middle of the night. I'll pay the shipping with any sucessful internet orders. Just be sure to mention that you saw the link on supercub.org.

I also have an install kit for the front of a PA12 and a J3. If you have the type of harness that is attached to the front seat, it is DANGEROUS and you should consider changing it. If both the lap belt and the harness are attached to the front seat, the intertia of you (the body) on impact will bend the seat forward pinning you in the airplane. Not fun . . .

Nathan, Do you have an STC or is it installed under ACE-00-23.561-01. I've installed your kit, it was very straightforward installation with everything included. I got a field approval on it at the time to cover all the bases.
I don't have an STC . . .

I do not have an STC. I have installed them both as minor mod per the previously discussed FAA policy statement, as well as with a field approval. Do whatever works . . . just don't use the piper style harness!
It could be i missed it on another thread but does anyone use an aerobatic style harness with the big lap pad and four or five point straps? I have no experience with them, but as an EMT I have seen the damage caused by seatbelts in automobiles, and figure that the padding would be quite beneficial. If anyone has experience with them...which brands do you recommend etc.


Cub Kid.

10-12 years ago I flew PA-18's towing gliders with Aerobatic Harnesses in them, Do them up nice and tight you REALLY feel like part of the machine, and If I remember pretty comfortable (for Seatbelts) in turbulance and when being yanked around by the student glider pilots. I liked them and will put in a set when I get my future dream Supercub...

I have know Idea what type they were but it sounds like you already have a line on them above...

You should be able to find "helicopter" military surplus, 4 point harnesses, a dime a dozen. Try looking in tradaplane? I have used them and they are really comfortable. they have a padded waste pad and some of the newer ones have the single "round" lock some have the cam over lock?

OK, so the shoulder and lap harness attached to the seat (which I have) is bad. Do people think that adding the floor brackets for the lap belt is an adequate solution to the problem?

Read this thread and the publications referenced and then go to this thread http://www.supercub.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=448&highlight=shoulder+harnesses and read it and the publications and you will most of the information available. And no, just changing the lap belt is not adequate, you need to get the shoulder harness off the seat also.

To avoid welding and likely fabric removal and repair consider using cables around the cross tube for the lap belt or consider strengthening the seat attach points and bolts as described in another post.
Thanks, djfraudman.

The problem I suspect with cables will be getting approval over here and the welding will be a problem as you say, with fabric removal and repair. Tricky.

Me again. I've just had a look at another Super Cub with a shoulder harness attached to the rear cross tube brace. The attachment appears to effectively consist of a P-clip around the tube with a plate on it with a single hole for attachment of the harness. i.e. no welding.

Anyone have any info about this attachment. It was apparently bought in the US.

Yep, thanks. Joe has sent me the link by email. I just have to get some longer shoulder straps from Pacific Scientific and I'm in business!