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Shoulder harness question


I am about to start cutting and welding a bunch of mods to my PA-12 fuselage. It is stock currently. I want to add tabs for shoulder harness'. I see the weld-on fittings sold by FA Dodge. Will these work for inertial reel type harness'? Is there a different type of mount for the AmSafe reels? Please don't start arguing about legal issues of welding shoulder harness tabs.
Notice that the Atlee installation requires two other STCs be completed prior to installation of the Atlee weld on bracket. Those STCs are for the X bracing of the cabin overhead (highly recommended safety mod) and PA-14 style cathedral behind the passenger seat.

The Amsafe reel has three mounting holes. One central that is 0.39" dia and two outside holes that are 0.257" dia. You should also review the installation instructions for the tabs as found on the FADodge web site.


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