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Shipping Cub from Europe


West Boxford MA
I've pretty much decided to bring my 160 Cub home from Italy, and wonder if anyone knows someone who has the ability to pack and ship the airplane from the Rome area or other location in Europe. Was thinking to sell and replace but A.) The market is lousy, and B.) It's a really nice Cub and would be hard to replace at my investment, including shipping.

I am very concerned about it being packed well, as I've seen what happens to planes in containers sometime. Shipping to anywhere in the USA where it's warm.

Any leads very much appreciated. 8)
Try sending a PM to African Eagle...he lives close to Rome, and has many Cub experiences & contacts.

Merry Christmas!
Shipping a cub

I may be in France containerizing a Broussard for shipment to WA state next spring, keep in touch maybe I could do yours also.

Doug Sapp 509-826-4610
Wayne, Cathy and I would like to see Rhome, kind of a working vacation? And Texas is a warm place most of the time for reassembly. :lol:
shipping Cub from Europe


If you mean it, I'm all over it, and you can fly the Cub around before you take it apart. It's in Nettuno near the Allied Cemetery in Anzio. Great food, great scenery, and great people. I'll call you, or please pm me.

You may remember me: we met this summer at Cristiano's field, I took you to the shop to get a screw driver.

The Cub is fine, I check on it whenever I go to Nettuno. It should be moved occasionally, if you want and you authorize me I'll pull it out the hangar and give the engine a warm up every now and then.

I'll even fly it if you insist :wink: :D
Cathy and I would like to see Rhome, kind of a working vacation?

Pierce.. Rhome is just down the road from you, at the junction of 287 and 114.
You'll go through it on the way to DFW to catch your jet to Rome .

Rhome is a lot cheaper to visit than Rome. We spent $600.00 American Dollars per day for an average hotel room in Rome last year. And Pizza was about $25.00. You can get a clean room in Rhome for about $60.00 per night and have plenty of money left to visit the Pizza Inn.
shipping Cub from Europe

Geez, Thanks!! Steve'll never come now!! Where did you stay, the Ritz?? I don't have clothes nice enough for those places.

At the risk of severe humiliation, I'll mention that it is possible to stay in rooms in the Brigittine Convent in the Piazza Farnese for low cost and it is mighty nice. And at night the TV and movie actresses hang out in the Piazza Farnese in the cafes and restaurants. Yup, food is expensive but if you eat less, your Cub'll climb faster! And it's still less expensive than those fancy mods.

Fo that matter, Iraan (TX) is a better bet than Iran too!