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Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

My IO-360 (180 hp) will cruise at 105-108 mph on floats, burning a little over 8 gallons per hour at 2400 rpm. I guess that's the difference between carburetor and fuel injection.

I would change to the number 4 pitch pin.
What would make you change to the number four pin?
What would make you change to the number four pin?

Your chart, changing from the #5 pin to the #4 pin will reduce the pitch by 1" or 1/2 degree. That will give you another 100 or so rpm at full power. It will also give you a higher rpm on take off for quicker acceleration and a more rapid climb.

I would also use a higher rpm for cruise. In fact, if the engine is not yet broken in, use a high power until it is. Wait until it is broken in before you reduce the pitch on the prop. It would do no harm to run it full throttle until it is broken in.
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OK, I have got my head round the pitch pins and the template and digital angle. I have used the Number 5 pitch pin to set a 13.3 degree measured angle on both blades, stable after torquing and after a 30 minute flight. I am idling at 760-780 rpm, getting 2420 on take off and 2550 in level flight at max throttle. What's up? It is pulling and climbing well, but these rpm values are concerning me. Should they?
I think 2700 is redline on your engine. Go to pin number 4. That is what I am using and I can tickle 2700 in cruise. I think you will find the performance is better.