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Rudder Petal Position

Jim Miller

Registered User
Normandy TN
I have modified my rudder petals to hinge off a 3/16 bolt and micarta
bushings inside the lower hinge tube with no metal to metal contact. The return springs will also be different and not wrapped around the petal
tubes. My question is where should the petal be when in a neutral position
with rudder centered and cables tight? The best way to measure is probably distance from petal/rudder cable attach point to firewall. This is important as you don't want the petal to touch firewall when fully depressed and its neutral position is important to be in proper position relative to the heel brake petal. I hope this question makes sense as I am
about to start making the rudder control cables.

Jim Miller
You got it right. That's it. I mademy rudder cables(either intermediates or the mains) so that when the rudders are fully deflected left or right they come with in 1/8 inch of the fire wall. This allows for better brake and rudder control combined. A little tip on cable construction. I drilled tight pin holes in the hanger floor and built all my cables using drill bits as the pins and the second hole respective of the part I was building. I swagged them as assembles right on the floor. For piece of mind make sure you are using an aircraft grade Swage Tool and measure you work with a tool.