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Rudder and Struts from Airframes, Inc. in Anchorage

James L. Smith

Registered User
Western NC
Excellent, fast and courteous service. Beautiful parts, all PMA'd, rudder and rear struts powdercoated, and the crating was a work of art in and of itself. Rear struts are 4130, of course, and I reckon the rudder is too. I hung them up on the wall of the hangar so then can be admired pending installation.

While ordering from time to time, I would phone James at Airframes and say, "James, James here." He even invited me to come by and visit. And when I'm there, I will.

Looking at great welds is like reading world-class poetry -- pure pleasure!

Air freight was cheap too. All those cargo planes carry bellyfuls of supplies into Alaska and are looking for freight to bring back. Therefore, you get a bargain on the shipping cost.
I bought nice parts from Airframes inc. and the shipping to Indiana was no more from AK than somewhere in the lower 48.
I am getting ready to order some parts soon too. I used their online shopping cart and was pleasantly surprised on the shipping cost. I called them to ask if the online tool was correct in shipping cost and they assured me it was.
I was just there last week and spent about half an hour with James while he gave me the tour and answered every question I had. Great guy alright. The "factory" is something else too. Quite a few employees working like little bee s. I ll be spending a small fortune in the next year or two over there and would highly recommend it for your parts source.