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Removal of interior panel

Cal Brown

Registered User
St. Petersburg, Florida
I need to replace the headphone jack on my left upper panel above the window. There are screws on the top edge, but none on the bottom edge and it seems to be crimped in place. Is there a way to remove this panel without damaging it?

The SCs I have worked on they were screwed on top and bottom to the 3/8" u-channel. You might take the wing root fairing off and see if you can tell how they fastened it.
Take the bottom left wing fairing off and replace the jack from there. There shouldn't be any need to take the inside panel off. If you still want to remove the panel, there are screws in the top as you stated. The screws that hold the upper window channel on also hold the lower part of the panel on. you'll also have to disconnect the fuel guages. Like I said, it's easier to replace the jacks from the bottom wing fairing.
Thanks guys, I was able to replace the jack today. The screws were in the window channel. I have electric gauges so removing the panel was easy.