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Pre Buy in Soldotna

High Country

Eagle River, AK
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic to perform a pre buy inspection in the Soldotna area? Thanks.

A buddy of mine just got a Cub in Soldotna...He used a guy named Phil Cockren.

TJ, on this site is in Homer, not far from Soldotna. He's a little rough around the edges, but he tends to get right to the core of a subject.

(OK, TJ, are we square now???, I'll pick up the check in the AM).

Really, this fellow pulls no punches, and that's the kind of guy I'd want doing a pre-buy for me.

Phil C. has done my annuals for the past few years. Great guy and honest. If your getting one from Soldotna airport he annuals about 75% of the planes tied down there. Which one are you thinking about?
good Luck.
Phil Cockran has done my annuals for the past 5 years (Super Cub). He has no problems with owner assist annuals/maintenance. Does good work, is fast and honest. I would recommend him for a pre-buy.
Those of you that do pre buy inspections, do you ask the owner to punch the longerons and tubing with a small hammer and punch or do you just do it anyways?
Josh said:
Those of you that do pre buy inspections, do you ask the owner to punch the longerons and tubing with a small hammer and punch or do you just do it anyways?

first guy I worked with would beat every plane every year at annual.... I figured it did 1000 times more harm than good making all those nicks through the cover on the hopes you might actually hit a pit...

but there will be a pit there in a few years from the damage you just did, (this was in saltwater/air area).............

I need a little more good reason before I start beating things up
Bringing this old thread up. I need a prebuy inspection in Soldotna. Everybody says Phil Cochran. Problem is he has been the guy maintaining the aircraft. So probably not a good idea to use the current mechanic to do the prebuy??? Anybody know of any other reputable Soldotna area guys that could do a prebuy inspection?

YES . TOM FARREL 907-394-4685. he is on Dutch airstrip just outside Soldotna. Great guy Great Mechanic. does lots of total rebuilds and annuals .

KENAI AVIATION. 907-283-4124. Fantastic also and do a absolutely thorough job.
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I forgot to mention that I am cheating and the prebuy is for a 206. I am not getting rid of the cub. Just the wife wants faster and bigger. I know allot of guys here have both too so figured it was a good place to ask.
I would use Kenai Aviation. they maintain and fly 206's the best maintained in the area. 283-4124. These guys know 206's in and out. they do rebuilds on a lot for other 135' operators. Top notch , their mechanic is a poster on here also
^^^Joel at Kenai Aviation. No question- he's honest, a great inspector, and knows 206's like the back of his hand.
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Another is Jim's Airplane. He did my annual the last two years. He is working out of a hangar on the Soldotna Airport this winter. I guess the snow is to deep up at his strip.
907-394-4595. Jim Harden
I do not think you fully realize how upset you may have made Mr. T.J. by saying he is from Homer. Them's fighten words around here. T.J. is a true North Road'er and works out of a hanger on K-Beach near Soldotna.