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Barrow, Alaska
Just wanted pass along my adventure to Steve Pierce's hangout in Graham, Texas. Most of you know Steve, but for those who don't, he is a first-class guy. I stopped by to visit him right after he hosted one of Clyde "The Cub Doctor" Smith's Piper fabric seminars, and I know he was worn out, but he still had plenty for me and it was fun.

He has a great shop/hanger, great staff, and I don't think you can stump him with a question. I think the Super Cub is in good hands with people like him around.
Steve is amazing and an unfailing resource. He's done many a favor for everyone that loves Cubs. He's one of the people that make sc.org what it is and deserves a very public thanks for that.
I flew up to Graham and met Steve and saw his shop a few months ago.

Nice guy. Not only does he know all about Cubs, I think he has a higher production rate on Luscombes than the new Luscombe factory!

I concur with all your posts,steve seems to be very helpfull.Now if i could sucker someone like him for a vacation to maine,i would let him camp out in the hangar and i would'nt even charge him for the experience he would get rebuilding an old junk.Now you may think he has plenty of experience,but you havent seen how we rig planes up here.My father always claimed i could ruin an anvil. In all seriousness ,i appreciate his advice and wisdom.
Mr. Pierce is the best and has saved my bacon a few years back, He is one of those guys in aviation that you wish there were more of...Knowledgeable, Friendly and just a damn great aviator and aviaton resource!
His Family is just as great!

Steve, you can pay me later...


Ditto to all of the above!

Hey Steve....that's one big airfield out there....make a great fly-in destination. How 'bout an annual event. I can think of 26 people who'd probably come back! :D

I'm still smiling up here (of course that could be just frozen there from the cold).

But maybe you could find an armadillo?? :eek:

Ya'll are all to kind. Just trying to give back what everyone has given me, plus if you can't tell I love these airplanes. :D

Laura, Thinking of doing a hands on more in depth restoration seminar next year. We got an amadillo in a live trap the other night and he is on his way to you via Fed Ex. 8)
I second all the comments about Steve He's a great guy but nobody mentioned the pin ups he has in the office. Its is always worth a stop over when traveling to visit with Steve.
I haven't had to pleasure of meeting Steve yet.......been trying to get my Cub down there for it's annual but weather and schedules have been conflicting.

I have talked with him on the phone some and all I can say is that he talks funny, although most people outside of Kansas do also.

Great guys! Now the secret's out. Steve will be raising his rates to $100 per hour, and I'll have a 2 year wait to get my plane into the shop. :cry:

All kidding aside, I'd shudder to think of owning an aircraft without Steve on the field. He's helped me out of more binds than I can even begin to count. On top of that, I'm proud to call him my friend. :tup:
You da Man Steve! Seriously, thanks for help in our most recent adventure. Good luck to us all, and to quote that great philosopher Gunny; Fly more, learn more, and have more fun.mb
Yeah - double what Butterfield said - YOU DA MAN STEVE - sure do appreciate the assistance on that project. Can't wait till you guys pass through here. We're gonna load trailers (Jason's stuff), fly airplanes, eat steak and maybe drink a beer or scotch.......can't wait.

I would like to boost Steves rebuild up a notch. I will donate some time to get him flying his Clipper.
Want him back in the loop in his own plane? How can you help him get flying sooner. Who will help? I'm in. He helps everyone else to the max!!
Steve, all you have to do is organize us helpers. I have most Sundays.
You are too kind Jay. Most Sundays are family time but I squeeze in a bit of time in my shop. With Jason here hopefully we will get more done between 8 and 5 so we can work on our own stuff after hours and on weekends. I will hit you up on your offer though. You got that new RV to build for yourself too. 8)
Make it, or AC Spruce P/N 12-00609. Unless Steve is in the business of making them, then he is the best source.
Gotta get this big iron out of the fire and then I plan on building several. Will put your name on the list Jim.

Gordon, These channel benders are a set of rollers that form the channel without the kinks.
I bumped into Steve for the first time today, at Colonial Airport near Memphis. I hang out at Colonial and Steve's Dad keeps his plane there. I'd have to agree with what you guys have said in this thread.