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Paul Freeman's Abandoned and Little Know Airfields Site has 25th Anniversary!


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Northwest Arkansas

Paul Freeman has been keeping track of abandoned and repurposed airfields for twenty five years! Caution: If you go to this website you are likely to end up spending quite a big of time looking around. I've used it to reference many places I have flown over that looked like it might be an old airport.

I try to send a few bucks to Paul every year for maintaining this resource and if you find it useful, I hope you will do the same!

Love that site. It's fun looking at airports I used to visit that are long gone. It's sad how many there are. Some it is possible, I was the last visitor. This one: http://www.airfields-freeman.com/MA/Airfields_MA_Boston_SW.htm#bostonmetro I know I was the last one while I was the chief (and only) pilot for STOL aircraft. The Twin Bee was developed, and the first few were built here. Formally it was also used for the Helio Courier's original location. The reference to the "unusual" pusher type was me taking off with my Lake.

Some of the aerial photos were taken by raisedbywolves' dad.
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Few people are as cool as this guy from that airport page... :)

This picture of the Canton airport is showing most (not all) of the runways overgrown. That straight section of the Neponset river was made when the highway (rte 95) was built. I know of a Lake, Beaver and a PA-12 landing in the river. Now the sides are so overgrown it is unusable.

Some of the photos are priceless. Bristol Vermont airport (now a high school) had some photos of the p-26 peashooters lined up as I recall. Can’t imagine flying those during a Vermont winter.
I’ve provided info on a number of airports in his web site. Way too many airports I used to fly from have turned into housing developments. You look at the pictures on that site with vibrant GA airports with lots of airplanes, wonder where most of those planes have gone!
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Some of the photos are priceless. Bristol Vermont airport (now a high school) had some photos of the p-26 peashooters lined up as I recall. Can’t imagine flying those during a Vermont winter.
Hmm? That may help to explain the mystery behind these wheels in my collection of stuff. The story I was told by one of my coworkers at NEA is, these came from an open cockpit airplane which was at the Gardner Mass high school shop early in WW2. His Dad was a math teacher there and he used to make airplane noises in the cockpit as a kid. He did not know what type of plane it was. When the plane was taken to the dump :devilish: , his Dad kept the wheels to make a trailer, which was never done. Many decades later I was given the wheels. I've been thinking they came from a P-26. If so, it may have been one of those which you mention?

Skywagon I stand corrected.
I just took a look and I don’t see the photos I’m thinking of.
There’s a local fellow that had a museum archive in middlebury of airport history and it’s online now somewhere. I just need to find it again.
In the meantime here’s a little history of Bristol.
Skywagon, I found it, sort of.
Turns out due to some antiquated computer server safety concerns the actual site is closed until they figure out what to do.
But, I found an email I had sent about one of the photos from back then.

Six Planes
Town:South BurlingtonCounty:ChittendenState:Vermont
Date:1936Description:This is a black and white photo of about six planes that are parked on a runway at the Burlington Airport. Behind the airplanes, there is a wooden-frame building. To the left side, there is a small wooden shack. There are bare deciduous trees and coniferous trees lining the landscape around the airplanes. The airplanes look like they could have been small war planes. All image rights reserved to Henry Sheldon Museum, www.henrysheldonmuseum.org. Walt Houghton, Former Mgr. BTV Airport writes on 2010-11-16: The aircraft are Boeing P-26s from the 20th Pursuit Group, Barksdale Field, LA. They were here in Burlington for cold weather manuvers in January of 1936. They never came back, it was too cold!


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Thanks farmboy, in looking closely at the P-26s, I don't think the hardware on the wheels matches. The mystery of my wheels goes on. If anyone wants them, they're here.