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Panel upgrade


Middlebury, VT
NXCub owner wanted to upgrade to more IFR capabilities.

Here we are adding a GNC355 and GMA245R to his existing panel of G3X, G5, GTR20 & GTX345.
He will be going on floats so he needs the right hole for the float gear controller.

While originally we were swapping his GMA507 mode controller for the GNC355, he decided he wanted to keep that so we had to look for alternative locations for the mode controller, breakers and pitot heat switch.

While CC offers a panel with components mounted mid-height, everything they wired and stuffed behind the panel would have to be removed and reconfigured along with repopulating the entire panel. This was a nice solution and a quarter of the labor time.

Will be very capable when we’re done, and retain a factory-install looking finish quality.


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