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PA18 Widebody Rudder Cable


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I'm installing rudder cable fairleads back through the frame. Due to the frame being wider the rear rudder pedals are further outboard from centerline compared to a stock PA18. I have a string pulled from the rear rudder pedal through the pulley underneath the rear seat through the remaining fairleads. Everything looks good until you exit the cable/ string to the rudder horn. When it exits to the rudder horn the string is pressing against the rear fairlead. Just wondering if anyone has any pointers, is this normal, its within 3* , just don't like it rubbing.
Giving up On a Dream,

Well guys I want to thank Steve Pierce and Jay at Javron and Mike at MCrepair for the time they have taken to help me along the way. I've never meet none of them in person but I'm sure they are wonderful guys.
As I drove to work on my one hour commute this morning I realized that I'm not going to see my dream fulfilled. I'm 58 years old and have been building on this project for several years now . Building without a manual , just the Northland drawings. I'm not plugged into the aviation community very well, but always wanted to just wanted to have a cub or champ to go around the local country side and view what we have been bless with. I've worked all my life and just wanted to accomplish this one more thing but there comes a time to realize that your fighting a loosing battle. I'm going to enjoy the still reading about aviation and always look up and wonder where that plane is headed. I'm facing some issue in life that I don't know how much time I have left. Just going to enjoy my family.
Again thanks to those that have helped answer question.
I hope my son will pick up where I leave off with the project. Sometimes you just have to realize you don't have the funds or the time.

Well I have an Update. You guy may be stuck with me a while longer. My doctors have told me that my particular disease has improved, and if I stay on the flight path I'm on my body will heel.