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PA18-150 engine mount bushings

Rusty Romito

Registered User
I am working on a 1954 PA18 with 0320 engine. Engine mount bushings need replacing so I ordered 71032 bushings, AN8-44 bots, AN310-8 nuts and STD619 washers. The existing bushings just have the washers on the bolt head side, and I was trying to find out if they were required on both sides.
It has to have a big flat washer against the exposed bushing (forward). The rear bushing half is supported/covered by the engine mount flange and needs no washer. From your description, the bolts must've been installed front-to-rear ??
I’m replacing engine mount bushings on a 200 hr install, rubber bushings are already badly distorted engine sagging.
Is there an alternative to OEM 71032’s that will hold up better?
How many years? Calendar time seems to be a factor as well as operating time. I have had the best luck with Lycoming factory rubbers.
Steve, About 6 yrs on mounts.
Do you have a good source for genuine lyc mounts?

Temp, I have a set of the bushings you linked from a previous project, the necked down portion is way to long and not compatible for A2B case, not sure what they’re used on.