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PA-18 speed indicator markings


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Santiago de Chile
Hello all,

I am buying a new speed indicator for my PA-18 150 and have been asked by Aircraft Spruce to send them a copy of the POH with the speed ranges in order to install the proper markings.

I have a pn 753 568 POH issued 1961 and revised in 1977 and there are no specifics about speed ranges, other than:

- Vy 75 mph
- Vx 45 mph
- Top speed 130 mph (but not Vne?)
- Vstall flaps extended 43 mph
- Cruise speed @ 75% power 115 mph
- Max flap extension 85 mph

The old indicator I'm replacing has the yellow arc starting at 121 mph and Vne at 153 mph, but I can't find that in the manual.

Any help in what manual to find that information?


Also, if your SC has any STCs installed, the critical speeds might change. For instance, the Wipaire 2000 lb STC changes maneuvering speed and possibly others.

With that O-360 wide open, and pure vertical, you might be able to get to 130.... :eek:

Thanks mvivion!

widebody: No never been close to 153mph. I think it can't freefall at that speed. :)

Darrel: no STC's.

The refurbishment of my PA-18 is almost done. Will post pictures shortly.


Here are the speeds I've got printed on the back of my checklist:


Best climb angle Vx - 45 MPH
(with full flaps)
Best climb rate speed Vy - 75 MPH
Maneuvering speed Va – 96 MPH
Never exceed speed Vne - 153 MPH
Stall clean Vs - 47 MPH (at gross weight)
Stall dirty Vso - 43 MPH "
Best glide speed - NO flaps - MPH
Flap Extension speed - Vfe - 85 MPH
Maximum structural cruise - 121 mph

The missing speed on my list is the Best Glide. Anybody got a number for that?
Our SC when it was still N7167K and had an 0-290 in Sep., 1969, was used as the test plane for Aqua 1900 floats. I have some hand written notes from R. A. Claggett, V.P. of Aqua, that details the test procedure on two pages. This included loading the plane to the aft CG (1760 + 167 lbs, not sure why they used this loading) then they performed stalls, slips, cross wind takeoffs & landings and a dive test to 140mph. Remember the earlier SCs were limited to 138 mph. That sounds pretty thrilling to me. They had a test pilot and an FAA rep.

My Smith Kit will indicate 135mph at 2700 rpm... full throttle. I tried to keep up with our Cessna 182 last summer, and the Smith won't do it (of course).