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PA-12 fuel system

Arctic Flyer

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Seward Peninsula
I didn't see the answer to my question(s) in the other fuel system thread so I will start fresh.

Next month I am replacing the fuel tanks in my PA-12 with new wag aero 18 gallon tanks, and a new header tank from Atlee. I had Atlee install sight gauges in the tanks and I am getting rid of my electric gauges.

I have the original style fuel selector valves. The left (main) tank valve is far foward and hard to reach, and should remain "on" at all times. The right (aux) tank valve is just left of the seat and has recently become problematic. It might be a good idea to put in new valves and hopefully not worry about my fuel system anymore.

What options do I have for new valves?

1) Can I replace the 2 old valves with 1 new valve (rt/lft/both/off)?
2) Can I replace the 2 old valves with 2 new valves?
3) Where do I purchase the new valves?
4) Is one option better than the other, and what about approvals?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Wing tanks

Good evening,

I put in PA-18 wing tanks with a Maule valve (left, right, both & off). If you have any questions or a copy of the field approval, send me and e-mail at (Gary@airglas.com).


Cub Crafters has STC SA00415SESA00415SE Installation of Cub Crafters headerless fuel system in a PA-12.
The modified fuel system uses only one fuel valve which allows left, right, both & off positions on the fuel selector valve. Price for the kit is $450 (plus shipping) includes all tubing, hardware, fuel strainer, fuel caps, etc. The PA12 requires the new valve which runs $250. Or you can purchase the STC as a stand-a-lone sale for $200.

Vera Liebert, Office Manager/Parts Sales
Cub Crafters Services, LLC
(509) 248-1025

I don't know if this is any better than Gary's solution, I know one other person who used a Maule valve in his 12. One advantage of Cub Crafters solution is that with an STC, approval should be bullet proof, otherwise field approval for a Maule valve could be troublesome since change 16 was implemented a couple of years ago.

pa-12 fuel system

Thanks for the ideas fellas. Gary- I pm'd you with a question or two.

Thanks again.