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PA-11 jury strut clamp


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South Glens Falls, NY
Can someone confirm for me the part number for a jury strut clamp on a PA-11? Not the clamp that goes around the strut but the fitting that the bolt goes thru. I have PA-11 struts, the jury strut clamps are loose on the struts. So loose that the space is taken up with boot cowl chafe seal. I have ordered PA-11 clamps form Univair but I cannot confirm the part number of the fitting that the bolt passes thru. In the Univair PA-18 manual it is part # 9 on the strut installation page. Are J-3 and PA-11 struts different dimensions? Is friction tape still the thing to use to protect the struts under the clamps? Thanks Jim

I know for sure that J3 and PA11 struts (front and rear) are different in profile. I'm not sure if there is a difference between the PA11 and PA18.

My copy of the PA11 Parts List shows p/n 10654-00 for the front jury strut clamp. The corresponding Univair number is U10654-000 and shows applicability for both the PA11 and PA18.

The PA11 Parts List shows p/n 12611-00 for the rear jury strut clamp. However, the corresponding Univair number U12611-00 shows for the J3.

My PA18 Parts List shows p/n 10654-00 for the front and 10656 for the rear. The corresponding Univair p/n U10656-000 shows application only on PA18 models.

I'd suggest that p/n 10656-00 is correct for the PA11 rear jury strut clamp, BUT DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT! :lol:

Sit down, take a deep breath and call Univair. Work through this slowly so as not to confuse the salesperson. Good luck!

I DO also know that the new Univair sealed struts on the J3 are bigger in diameter than the originals so you need new jury strut clamps. I don't know about the PA11 or PA18 struts.

John Scott
As I posted-NOT the clamp that goes around the lift strut. The fitting that the bolt passes thru when tightening the jury strut clamp is what I need the part # of. It is probably a typo but that is called a jury strut clamp also :( in the PA-18 parts book. The 18 book also provides a better picture. Thanks Jim
Are you talking about the jury strut lug? The part the jury strut bolts to and is held between the jury strut clamp ears? 80002-41 is what my catalog shows, but it has been superceded.

A good description would have been "the part between the jury strut clamp and the jury strut."

John Scott