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Oshkosh STOL demonstration

He is 90 miles an hour all the time till he falls asleep. When I figure out how to bottle his energy I will be rich. Maybe then I can finish my Cub. ;)
Steve Pierce, that is an awesome photo! I would be more than excited if someone younger than me bested me at Valdez. Finish up that plane so he can get to practicing!

Oshkosh itself was an incredible experience both as a performer and as a first timer. The universal love for aviation rung so true for each person I met. The reputation for it being one massive "family reunion" definitely held up. Hats off to the organizers, officials, and grounds crews. This was the tipping point for STOL and back country/Bush flying in the eyes of the general pilot. For a person to see that a relatively inexpensive, in aviation terms, plane can open up so much freedom in the skies is a big deal that shouldn't be taken lightly. I predict a growth in the interest and technology behind Bush planes that will benefit everyone in the industry over the next few years.

I had the opportunity to take Jack Pelton, the President of the EAA and former CEO of Cessna, for a ride on Sunday morning from the ultra light strip along with Rick Larsen, a VP of the EAA, and two Thunderbirds. All of them said it made their week which was a huge honor. I am so glad to have shared what we love to do with such influential people.

All in all I had about a 75 hour trip to and from Oshkosh back to Alaska with great weather and mostly good winds. I met a lot of great people along the way, many of which are a part of the SuperCub.Org community.

Thank you all for everything you do to benefit aviation.

Bobby Breeden
Brady Lane does a great job on those videos. Funny how the person who spoke the least at the Theater in the Woods got the most air time in the video. Great clips Eddie. ;)
Just a thread bump here...We are 3 weeks out!

"Oshkosh traffic, Black and White Skywagon on a 1500 mile final"

Just a thread bump here...We are 3 weeks out!

"Oshkosh traffic, Black and White Skywagon on a 1500 mile final"


Read the NOTAM.....ATC talks to us, no response is expected, except a wing wag.....:lol: See ya there.

Come to New Holstein, we love to hear you talk :smile: