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O-235-C1 jugs, are they hard to find everywhere or just in Alaska.

Alex Clark

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Life Long Alaskan
A friend of mine who ties up his plane near me has a cracked jug on his Lyc-O-235-C1. He can't find another jug anywhere.
I would have thought there would be all sorts of jugs out there from old PA-12, Colts and 7ECAs. Is it a a nation wide famine?
Call Dave at Sutton Aircraft Salvage, if he hasn’t already. I got one of those from him once, and he had a selection to pick from…
Everywhere! Had my O-235 overhauled last year. A set of cylinders new would run over $10k. I was lucky another guy had his O-235-C1 in for overhaul at the same time and he insisted on new cylinders. Had my choice of the best 4 out of 8 used cylinders and best 4 out of 7 used pistons. One of the pistons that came out of my engine was cracked in the oil control ring groove.

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A local guy just needed 2 and was lucky to find them in Canada. Gibson overhauled them since they had no cores in stock. Good luck.