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Lambertville, NJ
Hey Folks,
I have been trying to determine how many experimental super cubs are out there. The EAA didn't offer much help. They don't keep those kind of records and a member poll would be out of the question.

Any idea on how to get that number?
I can't think of any easy way to do this.....Experimental airplanes are filed with the FAA under the name that the builder chooses...which can be anything!

Even CERTIFIED cubs are filed under a number of different names......

6 flying Smith/TCOW, 2 more being built, and one experimental pa-11 all on one airport. Caldwell Id. EUL. 4 more flying Smiths in other Idaho towns. Joe
Last year at Sentimental Journey Nick Smith told me there were 80 Daytona/Smith/TCOW flying. Must be close to 100 by now.

Some experimental SCs are built from parts and plans, and not a kit. Mine was built in PA by Don Snyder, and there's a sister to her somewhere. Mine is registered as a "Wind Rider Super Sport." So good luck finding all those homebuilt cubs!

North Star

My Super Cub is from a kit called North Star by www.Customflightltd.com

I do not think this company has many completed flying kits. Mine was #127 .... if more than 20 have flown I would be surprised. The kit has been out since 1990, but not marketed very well. It is produced within 100 miles of Nick Smiths place in Canada.
I wonder is there is some way to do a poll or mass mailing of sorts. Maybe targeting EAA members or chapters???

Or is there some sort of sub classification that would give experimental super cubs away in the FAA register?

Any other ideas?
If you go to the FAA web sight and go to make/model type in pa18 you will see amateur/TC, this might be how to add them up.

For what reason are you asking? Are you trying to determine a market base for a product to get us out of the dark ages?
This is also a interest to me, Just finished up my new cargo pod plug and ready to mold. I can build a cargo pod that is half the weight, stronger and half the price. It is only for ford explorers and suvs but happens to fit a super cub.
gander..sent PM re: pod

sent you a PM.... interested in your project

happen to have a roll (full) of fiber-cloth ?

paul @ AK66