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New “Practice Runway” at Canyon Ferry, MT


Last night, a Montana Pilots Association crew “installed” a 1000 foot long by 25 foot wide “Practice Runway” on the surface of the Canyon Ferry airport (8U9) in southwest Montana.

This concept originated in Fairbanks to offer pilots an opportunity to evaluate their own and their aircraft’s actual performance in a simulated confined area. The runway is marked near its center with 2 foot by 4 foot white painted markers, which delineate the practice runway.

Many accidents in the mountain west involve high density altitude Ops. This program is intended to offer pilots an opportunity to experiment with DA before they get into actual confined areas in MT and ID.

So, stop by 8U9 enroute to Johnson Creek or??? And see what an airport elevation of 3800 msl and a bit of high DA does for you.


Sorry I didn’t get any airborne shots worth a hoot as I left….sunset and lots of glare.

MANY thanks to our Montana Pilots Association crew for Getting Her Done on this gorgeous MT evening!

And, there’ll be more of these to come, so stay tuned.



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We finally got ours painted at KVBT. Waited until the hottest day of the year to do it…