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New Discussion Forum on "Other" Airplanes

I have/am going down the same route. I was looking at selling the Champ I had and was wanting a 180. After a lot of searching and much more thinking, I decided to get into an LSA also. With all the kids grown and gone I really couldn't justify a big 4-seater that burns 12-14 gph. Sold the Champ on floats, even though it was a good plane and LSA compliant, it was old and I was flying less on floats. I found a RANS S7 and while I did/do have some issues with the Rotax 912, it is an awesome little plane. Sports car like performance and does most of what I want for a plane. Fuel burn is less than 4 gph on a typical flight.

This plane sat for 11+ years so I expected some issue due it sitting so long. I installed the Zipper piston/cylinder kit, 29" Bushweels, bigger tailwheel, and a few other items. About $40K total invested and being able to burn (sip) mogas, fly at speeds faster than a SC, land at just over 30 mph, climbs like crazy, couldn't ask for much more.

One more comment, the RANS S7 has more room inside than say a SC, much more so than a J3/PA11.
It makes me long for the days when "medical reform" was all about increasing the LSA limits to 4 seats and 180 horsepower.

For the past couple of years I was convinced I'd build a Carbon Cub. Until a good friend convinced me not to. Now I'm on the road to building an SQ type and I'm happy with the choice. I guess I'll just have to take care to maintain my health under the third class rules, whatever those may be.
The wife sure loves her Legend. It's a nice flying plane, much lighter on the controls than my SC. And it's made by some good old boys in Texas.
Hey Jim---how about the Super Legend HP---Titan stroker 340 engine 180HP---maybe around 180K$---a ret. Delta pilot who lives in Bristol has one that`s based at RKD---has 26in."fat"tires on it---his last name is Parsons---Capt Cub
Thanks Captain cub. Just starting to push the shopping cart down the isle in the big kids airplane store. Will keep you posted when I get to
the checkout.
Any issue with cyls?

Teledyne Continental Motors finally got the O-200 cylinder problems fixed from what I have seen.

I think Joe's Carbon Cub would be a good example to look at on robustness. He has 1000 hours on his and he uses it hard. Note they do use medium weight fabric now instead of the light weight used on Joe's.

There is a homebuilt Legend in New York for sale that was owner built at the factory in Sulfur Springs. Very low time. Super Legend is quite the performer as well for less money. I do think the Legends are built more like a Piper Cub.
The Legend folks say you can use a lot of normal Cub parts, rather than the almost all proprietary parts the CC uses. Cubcrafters redesigned everything to save weight, but it limits your flexibility quite a bit.
The planes in the hanger at this time Jim Clement 9th built tailwind pa 2220 150 hp a160 hp clipped wing T craft 180 hp S one S Pitts 65 hp aeronca C3 220hp single seat bucker like biplane cassut .looking for low time Rv4 or 3b
Spent the winter putting Edo 1400s on my J3. Now I am just waiting for Spring to arrive. But I had the best time today shooting autorotations in a Huey at New Richmond, WI.