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need mechanic for PA-12 project

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I dropped in to visit our mechanic for the first time and discovered that very little work has been done on our PA-12 project in the past 15 months. I'd really appreciate any recommendations for a good knowlegable and efficient mechanic who can finish our project, hopefully over the winter. I'm looking for someone in Wisconsin or Minnesota or the upper midwest who can pick up the pieces and complete the project. The wings have been painted, horizontal stabilizer and rudder painted, PA-18 gear installed and many parts purchased. Tanks not installed, engine cowling not installed, engine not installed, no panel or instruments or seats installed and no floor, no door, no windows, no windscreen installed and the fuselage has not been covered. Our mechanic was unsure whether he should have removed the original PA-12 bungee supports for future seaplane use and was unsure how to install the lower baggage compartment with the PA-18 rigging. He didn't leave me with a secure feeling and he couldn't give me a completion date.

I'd appreciate any referrals. Thanks.
Talk to Darrel Star for someone in Minnesota. He worked with Bob Schefter in MN. Maybe Darrel will see this thread and give you more details.

If you are in Wisconsin, I think Mark Drath has a shop. He posts here too. He used to write for the Cub Club and sounds very knowledgable.

It is worth checking out these two people.
Jim Drometer would also be a good contact. He is in Belle Plaine Mn.
He is a Pa-12 Guru
Sounds like the same shop that didn't work on my PA-12..... you're not in Ogden, Utah, are you?

We are VERY happy with the work Bob Schefter in Fergus Falls, MN, did completing our Super Cub. He is an upstanding craftsman:
Cell Phone: 218-205-0463
Home/Shop: 218-739-0818
Here are examples of his work:



And a Current Project with many missing parts, A J-4A
Don't mean to steal the thread here but can he hook me up with a full lexon swing up door on my 12? I've been trying to get this done and have had a hard time.
I'm sure Bob can help you. Use my name and the web site as reference if you like when you call him. I emailed this thread to him. He isn't very big on using the Internet -- just great at building rag wing Pipers!
Richard Deblack said:
Don't mean to steal the thread here but can he hook me up with a full lexon swing up door on my 12? I've been trying to get this done and have had a hard time.

"Cargo door" from Crosswinds Stol. It's BIG. Go to the Crosswinds website and look under door mods.

Edit - - There's a fair amount of welding and sheet metal fabrication involved. Probably best to do when the fuselage is uncovered.
12 Geezer said:
"Cargo door" from Crosswinds Stol. .....

Edit - - There's a fair amount of welding and sheet metal fabrication involved.

yes, plus some THICK(1 is .060+) tube(s) to add... also gets rid of front attach of rear seat on side(s) you add it to.....

just did that on both sides.....
Yup - forgot the seat part. I lowered the front support for the rear seat an inch or two, to make it even with the door sill. That changed the angle of the rear seat, which required an adapted bottom cushion courtesy Oregon Aero. Fortunately, I live fairly close, and could take the fuselage to their facility for trials.
I was hoping there would be an easier way that would be practical now since I won't be ready for a rebuild for hopefully another 10 years.
Lyndon Thompson in Fargo has rebuilt a couple of Oshkosh winners in past. Does great work and specializes in Cubs.

Weber Aero in Alexandria, Minnesota, is also a good shop.

320-763-4066 (I think); ask for Kevin or Jerry.

Jon B.
H.O. Aircraft at KANE has built at least 3 Supercubs in the last couple of years including the New King Cub and mine and a friends Widebody 180 HP. I'm not sure how many they've done over the years but I know it's a bunch. I've been thrilled and have recived a ton of complements.

Check out their website at http://www.hoaircraft.com

I'm at Anoka if your interested in seeing the work or you can take a look here http://www.supercub.org/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=32214&ppuser=1255
Thanks to all of you for the great information. I've contacted one mechanic already and he's going to get back to me on his availability. Hopefully we'll have our PA-12 at a new home shortly. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge of all of you on this site. Very helpful to a newbie like me! :D
Might check with Duffy's Aircraft at Marshfield, Wi. Al Hatz ( son of John Hatz of the homebuilt Hatz Bi-plane) is VERY sharp on Fabric airplanes and is mechanic for Duffy. Al grew up in the tube and fabric world and knows ALL of the Piper line. Very good workmanship.!!!---Geezer Dan