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Need a cub home in Northern Oklahoma


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I’m flying my pa-18 from ANC to Enid, OK for Usaf SUPT. Will be in town first week of December.

Curious if there are suggestions for hangar/tie down locations in the vicinity? Or if someone has a barn with empty space? Would like more than occasional access to keep current in the ol’ Cub.

Make some calls, Arnav lists the airport managers phone number and some of the smaller places around the area might have a hanger spot. If you can’t find something in or right at Enid check out Blackwell/Tonkawa (KBKN) last time I stopped there for fuel they had a sign up advertising hangers. Lots of good flying to be had in the area, with great Mexican food nearby in the terminal at Ponca City (KPNC) and their booster Breakfast is amazing the first Saturday morning of each month.


ps. Our snow tends to be heavy and wet and we grow big hail so if you’re here in the spring you’ll want a hanger.
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Also check out woodring airport on the east side of Enid, they might have space and they have a heck of a restaurant and WWII display/museum. The fly boys use this airport too. Towered but cub friendly. At one time they let me use the grass. Mom still lives in Enid. So does sister and her husband. He was an instructor at Vance in his previous life.

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Thanks Kirby and Steve. I will look into those options! Looking forward to flying around the lower 48!

There's a duster strip just north of Kingfisher, with hangars. North/South grass strip with a row of hangars on the east side, no services.
It used to belong to Bryce Newberry. No idea if it's used anymore, but might be worth checking.

I checked with Perry (F22), just a few miles East of Enid. They have a group hangar, propane heat, $200 monthly. You would be in with a couple of other planes. The Perry folks are going to take care of anybody related to Vance AFB. I spoke with Nick.

If that doesn't work for you, Dennis at Blackwell (KBKN) will certainly take care of you. He was a crop duster in his younger years, and loves to see tail draggers come in. He also has a big hangar, complete with heat. Always takes great care of me when I am in there.

I grew up in that area of Oklahoma. Great people. Hope you find your stay to be an enjoyable one. Let me know when you get in town, we can get together sometime.

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