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my carb is leaking fuel

Alex Clark

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Life Long Alaskan
I was hornswaggled . After months of waiting for a spot, I got my 12 into an IAs hangar for a rather extensive annual. My 100LL was removed into a drum for new fuel tanks to be installed.
One day he said I had to move out of his hangar since he had another couple planes coming in. He claimed he had already pumped my 100LL back into my tanks.
The first high winds of winter were hitting so the plane was tied up without a test flight. Now it has been sitting for 4 months.
I opened up the fuel valves a couple days ago during a warm spell so I could do some touch and goes.
Fuel started pouring out of the cowling. So I assume the needle valve on the float is stuck.
While sumping my tanks I discovered CAR gas and not my old 100LL. This IA keeps (old) car gas sitting around for his own planes.( which never fly) So I can guess what happened.
I am going to try flushing the system with straight 100LL. I hope my carb is not full of varnish. Bad enough he never did several other things during the annual.
Yikes! Sounds like maintenance was not good. I had a similar problem in July re carb leaking due to float issues. Tapping with rubber hammer helped but didn't fix. IA is a good one and cleaned the fuel system (drain-flush-clean tanks and lines to and through Steve's filter-flush fuel line to carb-clean finger screen-drain float bowl). There was black stuff in finger screen. After runup we found the accelerator pump was puny (it has an inlet filter cup and outlet check valve to mess up). So off the Alsworth's Ak Aircraft for carb overhaul.

It would help if it was not so darn cold and windy. After 64 Alaskan winters, ( well minus a few when was overseas) I am rather sick and tired of working out in the elements.
My IA did the same - flushing with fresh 100LL and draining through a fine mesh Mr. Funnel to look for debris. The black stuff around the inlet finger screen to the carb did make its way through and out of the bowl drain. But apparently some got into the passages that feed the accelerator pump and gunked up that system. Therefore the overhaul. We considered just disassembling and a cleaning. But I said no, I can take care of me, weather, and flight pressures, but not some mechanical device that might try to kill someday.

iv'e found fuel hoses that have been in use for many years from your fuel source can start to flake on the inside and lead to plugged screens and other problems. your mention of black stuff around the finger screen may be because of that
^^^^Yes thanks for that observation on dated fuel lines. My plan is to replace that gascolator to carb line when my IA returns from riding electric scooters in Florida. And frequenting biker bars. We firesleeved it during the annual and I assume he looked at it, but?