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(moved)The Board Room, but not Trump's and no one got fired


Mission, TX
Time for the humorous part of aviation. It does happen at times and only aviation people can think of the odd ball things we did in the old days in the Arctic. This one made up for the day when we thought we had lost a Twin Otter enroute to McKiney out of Anchorage.

At one point our chief pilot was celebrating an anniversary date with our airline. Now this is where working for a family owned airline can get to be fun at times. I hate to give his name because he may still be working for the FAA in Alaska but will describe him as very capable for a chief pilot but at the same time quite shy (just like myself).

The family had set up a party in our board room for him and since it was after the sun went below the yard arms, the good stuff came out and we were all having fun after a few grogs. What comes up next, even I didn't know about in advance and I was supposed to know everything that was going on in the airline and to take care of it.

At the time, our chief pilot was looking for new pilots and was holding interviews all the time.
All of a sudden, a very attractive lady came in the board room dressed in a pilots uniform with a well constructed fuselage and appendages. She also carried a boom box radio which she immediately sat down in a corner and asked where she might find the chief pilot. He happened to be sitting at the board table. The owner's wife pointed him out and she immediately went over to talk about getting a job. Back and forth they went and the chief pilot was getting embarrassed beyond belief but she kept saying how much she wanted a job and would do anything to get one. He kept telling her to come back tomorrow. Since we had female pilots already, the interview was nothing new to him, just the location and time. This went on for a short time while everyone in the room listened and the lady did a fantastic job of making it look real. Finally, for the last time she said she would do just anything, just annnnythinnnng, as she got rather close to him, to get a job whereupon she cranked up the boom box with stripper music and proceeded to strip in front of him, within legal limits of course. Talk about a red face.....Just too bad his wife couldn't have been there but some guy who was a friend of hers too told on him. Wonder who that could have been. Last I heard, he was working for the FAA in FAI.

Come to find out, the airline owner's wife and daughter had set the whole thing up for him. The lady got dressed and stayed around to have a few drinks with us before she left. What an afternoon.

Someday the story about the Playboy Bunny I was dating at the time who was sitting at my desk when the owner walked by. According to my secretary, the look on his face was worth a weeks pay.