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Mark Keneston - New CubCrafters Factory Rep from Wisconsin to New York


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Northwest Arkansas
Member Mark Keneston (AdirondackCub) is a new CubCrafter's factory employee, has just spent the last month in Yakima at the factory training in-depth on our product line and the core CubCrafters philosophy of outstanding customer service, and is now live on the CubCrafters website as the factory representative for the Great Lakes, Northeastern US, and southeast Canada regions. Mark just flew a G3X Touch equipped Carbon Cub FX from Yakima to his home base at the Saratoga County Municipal Airport (5B2) in New York State, where it will be based as a demonstration aircraft (if you have a chance stop in have a cup of coffee and say hello).

Mark was born and raised in the foothills of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Immersed in the culture of backcountry tailwheel flying as a kid, Mark routinely flies his J3 on floats & skis and has a sincere love for both general aviation overall and Cub aircraft in particular. Mark is a private pilot with SEL & SES ratings and has more than 500 hours flying tailwheel and seaplanes. He is currently President of Adirondack Flyers LLC flying club in Saratoga, NY. Mark will be managing CubCrafter's customer relationships in the Northeastern US and continuing the CubCrafters mission of fostering backcountry flying opportunities and user communities in that area.
Huh, I thought he was just a salesman that flew a J3 on floats :lol:

Great guy flew with him at Greenville and up to the trains in 2015.
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Huh, I thought he was just a salesman that flew a J3 on :lol:

Great guy flew with him at Greenville and up to the trains in 2015.

You mean the illegal trains that we almost got taken away in the paddy wagon. Those trains? I have pictures of all the suspects.

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Only Glenn could talk his way out of it with what about the kids...Kids love trains we didnt know this was a park.....Or something like that.

He let us go look thought. He was just doing his job, turned out to be a nice guy till someone left and got him soaked

That was a great day all the way around. I never got in to see the trains and yes I did beat feet to get out of there, 3" N# probably helped some. It was the flight back to Grey Ghost and the quick stop in the river that got my attention, then the oil and then no compression in a cylinder at the dock. A great trip save the Xtra $1500 Cylinder job when I got home. Glen has great trips and I enjoy all of them. Thanks John! I look very forward to this career change. Guys thanks for the warm welcome!