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Man will never fly club


Mission, TX
Lets see how far our readers go back.

Anyone a member of the "man will never fly club"? Especially the Alaska branch?

I was initiated in a grand meeting in Kodiak many years ago after a full room food fight. Adults do things like that? Only aviators. :)
Some mornings, it really pays to get up and be alert or you will miss everything. :roll:

Come on guys/gals, there has to be other members other than myself.
Supercubber said:
Why can't we get this club up and running again? :)

Can strippers come to the food fights? :splat: :lick:

As far as I know, there are many active clubs. Strippers can only join if they throw their coverings instead of food. Food for thought so to speak?
All of this is hard to do over the Internet so suggest Steve organize a flyin to get it going. Suggested site? Upper end of South Padre Island, deep south Texas.
Supercubber said:
Hey if everyone brings one stripper and a covered dish, this thing would work out swell. Just have to decide which stripper to choose.

Speaking on behalf of my stripper friends I know the dates can't conflict with Sturgis. Any other dates are fine with them. 8)

Sounds better all the time. The reason I suggested the upper end of the island is because the laws are more relaxed. Not sure about landing cubs on the road though. Of course, there is always the precautionary landing to check fuel level. :wink:

I am emailing the frosted beaver chapter tonight.They look the most interesting as they do not beleive women will fly either.Think of the money we will save if they are correct.I have to reacess if i am in a state of reality or not.
Never! Just discovered it from your thread and an email I got today from Garth Wallace.

steve said:
Never! Just discovered it from your thread and an email I got today from Garth Wallace.


Most chapters are great but before you go to a meeting, practice up on the good old baseball or softball throwing since it will come in handy with the release of dinner rolls durring dinner. :wink:
Man, I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes trying to figure out how I have anything to do with this thread......Then I re-read the posts above.....

GARTH Wallace Not GRANT Wallace
Garth's books are fun. I have them all.
If you only buy one, I'd recommend Blue Collar Pilots.