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Make My Own Two Piece Nosebowl??


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Marshfield, MA
I want to have a two piece nosebowl for my homebuilt (not a Cub) w/ Lyc O-235 L2C. I already have a standard Lyc nosebowl from ACS: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/mc3a.php

The two piece nosebowl that ACS offers is very expensive and doesn't work for my application as it is set up for a 14" spinner and my spinner is 10" and that's what I need for my Sensenich 2EK composite ground adjustable prop. I would like to make a two piece nosebowl out of my one piece. It's easy enough to cut it across the middle of the air inlets. What would be missing is the "flange' that the other half must attach to.

To create this flange I am thinking I could add a fiberglass flange...or rivet on strips of aluminum, maybe .040 to accomplish the same thing. One of my concerns about adding the fiberglass is that the flange wouldn't be an integral part of the existing fiberglass bowl and would essentially be a patch that is glassed in. I'm thinking aluminum might be stronger, either riveted in or attached with 8/32 nuts and bolts with a decent size washer on the the fiberglass side. I'm sure I could make it look good aesthetically.

The actual areas that have to be flanged are not big, there are four locations across the air inlets, the biggest being 4 or 5" wide.

Has anyone made their own two piece nosebowl and if so how and how has it held up?

Any thoughts or comments on which of my methods might be better/stronger?

Or...a source for a two piece nosebowl that would work with an O-235 with a 10" spinner.

Did exactly what you described and it worked great. Used alum strips and riveted them to one side and used 6/32 bolts on the other.
Nose Bowls

I worked with a friend, his name is Jerry Baking. We worked in a fiberglass boat shop. He made four different airplanes some of his own design. One that stood out for me was the Baking Duce. It is a open cock pit two place high wing airplane that flew alot like the SuperCub.
He made his own nosebowl by taking a card board box bigger than a nosebowl and filling it with expanding spray foam. Once hard he used a hand saw to cut and give it shape, then a sure form for shaping it the auto primer and wet sanding and this made the plug for the mold. It is one of the best looking nosebowls I have seen.

nose bowl

Just get the nose bowl you want take a grinder and a zip blade cut on both sides of the prop hole , open it up to the width you need, use thin plexiglass on the inside drill holes and use clecos to hold it in place, Fiberglass the outside then remove the plexi glass from the inside and fiberglass inside , sane and fill with bondo and then spray with filler primer unill it is smooth !

You will never know it was cut
If you change your mind on making your own, call Turbine Cubs, they can sell you the two piece bowl. That's where I got mine.
Another source for a two piece nose bowl is Bob Barrows, R&B Aircraft. He has a reasonably priced piper style nose bowl similar to the ones he uses on the Bearhawk.